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Saturday, October 31, 2009

And the game goes on!!

Another great day to be alive!!!  Had a run today in the cold wet dreary weather, I said yesterday, keep it in perspective!  I went out early today and had my second run using the new parameters set by my lactate test.  It is picking it up a notch, but must say I am enjoying it! Rather than doing 2 back to back intense workouts, I did an easier 6k this morning.  Tomorrow will be a bit of a slower run and about 12-13k.  Should be a good day, a little drier than today and their may be some sunshine as well!  Tomorrow is also the Hamilton Marathon so I will be riding with Hugh to pace him for this race.  The main reason he is doing this race is to try and get a better time so that he can move up on coral for the Boston Marathon.   I agree with doing a couple of marathons, but his logic in trying to get faster and faster to accomplish something you already have is totally beyond reason to me!  I have already said to him that he will hurt himself if he continues to race against his friends time at races rather than his own race.  Oh well, I hope he does accomplish a new PB and I am 100% behind pushing him to achieve it!
Had a chance today to visit with some friends and family I have not seen in a long time,  Realized for some it had been over a year.  Tome flies when you dont pay attention.  We all met at lunch today(part of yesterdays memorial service) and had lunch at Mandarin.  Luckily, most of the food is OK healthy(depending on what side of the buffet table) and i certainly wont need any sodium any time soon. It was a lot of fun to catch up with everyone after a long time!

Its now time to get to the front door and go and see the trick or treat kids. It is great entertainment to see how happy the kids are as they make the rounds.  I  also want to get down to one the neighbors who has unveiled this years haunted yard.  It is worth the drive to see what this family puts together.  There are coffins that open, bats that fly through the yard, smoke in a cemetery, it is a great sight for many who come and see it!
Have a great Halloween and a great night!

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  1. How about some dog dignity. Poor Karma! Trick or Treat is for kids, under 12.
    Remember, it is November and it is the start of Craigmas Season. Where you are born in November or wish you were.