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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lactate testing

For a couple of years I have talked about going to do lactate threshold testing in order to develop a baseline for my training. Well, the moment of truth is here. Next Wednesday I have it scheduled. Why? A lot of people have asked would I do such a thing. Well, those who know me are aware that I am very goal driven. When I put a plan in place I generally don't stop until I have reached my ultimate goal. A challenge that I have faced in my training is relative to what level to do my workouts at. I do have an OK base at best, a low resting heart rate as well. However, my active heart rate tends to be off the scale. I have never been able to accurately know what that is. As a result I can not set training zones. The training program that I will use for I'm is all based around zones, so now I will know where to go from. I believe that I can also improve my running a lot using a zone training system and sticking with it.
Let's hope it is worth the invest! Ill post my baseline result and start using my correct zones. As I go through the winter the training results should begin to speak for themselves! Cheers! and happy training!
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