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Monday, October 26, 2009

Nothing like a good stretch!!

Today is a rest day as I am going back to do another lactate test on Wednesday. This time I need to go until I am ready to collapse, not until my lazy mind says I am tired. So, as a great trade off on rest day, nothing like a great hour of Yoga. For all the time that I should invest but sometimes skip, this hour is absolutely perfect. It is like doing an ART session to yourself. I am going to keep it as part of my training all the way to d-day!
I have what will hopefully be the last lactate test for a while this week. Ideally it works well as I can then set my training zones in a methodical fashion and resume some good workouts. So far, i have adjusted my training to reflect where I think my zones are and it does seem to be working. After only a few weeks, my LSD runs have a resulting lower heart rate and my speed does not seem to suffering at all(only have room to improve) I hope once I have the test it can provide some further direction and stronger improvement. The other good thing is that I can start my resistance training now as well. I plan on also adding some functional training to help with power and impulse as I am starting the ski season shortly.
Tonight, Trish will start her blog as part of my journey, and her journey over the next year. Deciding to do an IRONMAN is a selfish commitemnt and Trish is going to share with all the IM significant others what the day to day world of being with an obsessed person is like. I am sure that it will all be good things always. I can only say, my wife is the most patient supportive person that I have ever met, and I am lucky to have her on this journey. it is great when she acts as your nurse, coach, nutritionist, logistician and still has time to be a wife! She is great to train with as well. She was once a lifeguard and swim instructor so she  always has good swim advice to offer, and is a great spotter for our swims in her kayak. She benefits as well, each year she will get out and do a couple of short distance events to be out there living the dream! LOL You should see a link and the intro for the wife perspective in the next short while.
Well, after a relaxing evening and a good stretch, i am go to and read my book and relax with a nice of water(yeah, prefer a beer, but, not on school nights)
Have a great night and Happy training!


  1. Hey John, I see you have Doru and Johan following you. Two really good guys. Doru lives in Ajax and loves beer. He's also doing IMLP next year. When we are all svelte and skinny, we'll have to do a long training ride and have some beers afterwards.

    Sound good to you Doru?

  2. Did you say beer....Oops, I meant training ride! Dory, good to connect! Have a great day anf happy training!