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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rest day suck PART 2!

Once again, I have been told no workout tonight as I am doing lactate test tomorrow.  I know I have a lot of time to train, but 2 days in a row with no true workout is not fun!!!
I started today trying to figure out how I could do a workout that was not really a workout, hmmmm.....a workout is a workout is the conclusion I have come up with.  So, I carries on with my day with that conclusion.
Work was productive today.  Learnt that a major project start coming up will likely be delayed, and the client is still unaware.  I  guess this will be a true day of under promise over deliver " high Mr Customer, I am 100% ready to go, but you are not, hmmmm, and there is an additional charge per day that I must pass on to you as a result"  Oh well, I am sure this will come to pass and all will be good.  A couple of new easy projects came to life today as well.  This is good, more work to keep the money tree fed so I can continue to follow my quest!
Another great part to my day is reading the first post of my wife's blog.  I am looking forward to following the IM world through the eyes of the support.  As we all know,without that part of our world being there like they are, dont think it would happen!  Her blog is IronSherpaSkierz.  The link to her blog is in the blogs that I follow and the logic behind the name is there as well.  Have fun reading, and please reserve your comments to those that are in my favour!
As it was a rest day today, and as I do not have any races until the spring, it turned out to be beer night.  Each time it comes along, i kind of feel that I should not, but, the beer prevails as I have to keep the schedule in perspective.  Bryan, I had one for you as well.
It is now time to go and carb up, hydrate and get some rest, so that I can run until I am ready to drop tomorrow.  Look forward to reporting on a great result that will be the basis of the nest 11 months of my training!  Cheers and have a great night!


  1. Hey swimmer! By looking at your pic, close those fingers up, like, get them together and get more bang for your buck. Being a cat I understand this movement, a lot!
    Nice sight, will write more as I can type way better than any dog can write.

  2. good luck with Lactate test. go hard or go home

  3. Is that a beer in your hand?
    Trade some cat nip for it?