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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lactate treshold testing

Yes, it is a tough test, however I did not allow it to get tough enough!
Completed the firdst test with SPC today, it was a great experience, but I need to do it again. As Jeff the coach suggested, I need to go to the point where I truly feel that I am going to collapse or be sick. Today i ran for about 30 minutes and reached a mx heart rate of 192 when I said that I could no longer continue. When I stopped my reading was 9.7, ususally he is looing for somethin higher than a 10. Once that reading is done he works to drop your heart rate by 40 beats ad takes another test. At this point he can begin to measure how fast the lactic clears from your body. I seemed to drop below 3 on the firsdt reading without the heart rate dropping a full 40 beats. This suggests that I did not get my blood full enough by stopping to soon. When I do it again he suggested that I should stay in the 'ugly' zone al leat a couple of minutes longer in order to build over 10 and get a true saturation. Next time I need to stretch when I am done.
All that said, I did feel great going into it. I got a great rest yesterday and the day beofre and had very fresh legs going into it. I guess that rest is an importatn part of a good race result. I felt great as I also focused on stretching which proved to be a good thing.
Well, now that the rest is over it is time to go and start training some more. Today conted as a tempo run, I think i have another 6k run tomorrow and then a rest day? Need to check schedule. Tonight some swimming.
Someone tell me wehen I am going to get off my ass and start my resistance!!!?
Cheers and Happy Training!

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