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Friday, October 23, 2009

Great Swim day!

The swimming continues to pregress! From 3-4 months ago, Hugh calling me a fat dude! This madness is becoming entertaining as I continue to put in the days and find it more effective each time. Yesterday was a good wrokout. I did a combination of drills and lengths over the course of 1+ hours. Beginning my next wrkout I will now begin to track my time and distance. Best way to go about it will be to now design formal workouts before I head to teh pool.
At teh pool we met a a Bryan who is also a tri guy! b He is on his way to teh 70.3 World Champion in Florida in Novemeber. We had a great time talking with him, his stroy bis quite cool. IN a nut shell, he was overweigth and tired so he decided to go back and start doing tri's again after a 22 year break. You can follow his blog by using teh link on the side. It is a great traning and tri adventure, serves as an inspiration(look at the pictures) Yes, another fat guy cured by tri's!(sorry Bryan). ONe thing that he said that I have to begin living by, he never misses a workout. Looking at his blog certainly confirms that. After 5 half IM in one summer and 2 fulls nest year, he seems to be doing it right. His times on each event are great. I will follow the madness and hopefully brings the resutls!
This weekend should be fairly easy, a run today and tomorrow(LSD) and Sunday looks like a good day to go for a ride. If I can get some chortes done arounf the house tomorrow, I hope to aslo get to teh pool. After that , rest is on the table for Monday, Tuesday aas I have lactate testing again! Happy training!

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  1. Hey John, no offence taken. I was a fat guy (and NEVER want to go back). Those were my Dan Aykroyd years. No offence Dan. :-)