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Saturday, October 17, 2009

When riding is good and when its too cold

Great ride this morning with new group who are doing IM Wisconsin. The ride was a relaxed 45k, however it did have some challenging elements. The challenge being riding in 1 celcius weather. Holy smokes, that is cold to ride. We met at Coronation Park and headed west to start out, within a short time the conclusion was made, even though i was dressed warmly, the temperature was cold. Great day for riding though, no wind, sunny and great group to ride with. The pace was ideal for training and will likely do many days of riding like this in the future. As the weather is apparently going to warmer this week I may try and get out for a couple more outdoor rides, I cant imagine there is a great deal of warm weather left. Lets hope that a few more weeks are out there for good rides. Then into the house onto the spin bike, once I am inside I will begin to focus on the drills and see if i cant inspire myself to sit for a couple of hours rolling the pedals. who knows how that will go.
My main focus is running so I will keep progressing in that area and see how it goes. So far so good though, still enjoying the ride! Have a great day and remember.......hmmm...stay warm!!

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