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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Great swim!

Still fighting off the cold! Rest, water, and rest seems to be working! Hope it continues. I must say I am paranoid about this whole H1N1 thingy. One of my customers was the uncle of the young guy that passed away this week. It is scary when it is within 6 degrees of separation. Stay healthy and if you are feeling like you might have the flu, stay home!!
Good workout today! Went to the pool at lunch time and did a drill workout. Spent almost the whole hour today focusing on the drills that have brought me this far. I have been doing them a few minutes each practice, but have to make more time over the winter when I have the time to do it! Overall I don't mind doing them, after all, it is probably the method to the triathlon madness. Starting these drills got me to figure out this darn swim thing without feeling like I want to be sick! A lot more miles to go!(Thanks for your training log Bryan, it is motivation).
Each day that passes, I have to say, my decision is more right. As I continue to train both physically and mentally it gets easier to imagine both the start and finish. I know there is a long road ahead, but the highs and the lows should be a lot of fun!
Cool things happening?! Not sure how, but..I have not been paying as much close attention to my food intake and I still seem to be dropping a bit. I guess my body may be adjusting to the fact that I am exercising more and my metabolism has kicked it up a notch. I don't mind it, doesn't really matter as what will happen will happen over the next year!
Until tomorrow, remember, swim, bike, run! That's what all the cool people are doing!
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