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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Swim day!

Another great swim day at the Y! Discovered today that it does take a great deal of time to warm up and get into a groove. I will have to figure that into any race prep. I suppose on a short tri it won't be as critical to go for a warm up swim. However in a long event or mass start I likely won't see the water or want to use a lot of energy before the start.
I am learning that practice is certainly the way to go. Each day I go out I am finding it easier to put in the lengths without a ton of trouble. I realize that I am still a swimming 'baby', but hopefully a winter of training will lead to the result.
Tomorrow morning I am heading out for a tempo run. I need to focus on doing my run rather than the group. A little slower with my own focus will get me to the finish rather than blowing through a run and risking more injuries!
As I begin to narrow my training focus I am enjoying this more each day. Now I must start to do some resistance training. Overall the benefits to that will be large. With ski season coming up it can't hurt to be in better shape than ever. I'll post my routine here shortly and let you know how the start of it goes!
Until next time, keep smiling and happy training!
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