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Sunday, October 25, 2009

What a great day!

WOW! I love the fall! For some it seems to be a sad time, summer going away and the cold bad weather on its way?! For me, it is the greatest time of year. Nice cool air for training, the scenery is awesome and it is less than 6 weeks from ski season! I guess for me it is the best of all worlds!
Great ride this morning. Hugh and I went out for a 65k ride at an easy pace to try and keep the legs moving and help continue to build a pre winter base. Hours on a spinning bike will be tedious, so every minute out now is worth it. We went on a flat ride along Lakeshore keeping slow and steady. A little reward at the far end of the ride, we met up with Trish, Doris ad Craig for a little breakfast and relaxation. As there are no races in my pre winter season, I can afford to enjoy the rides being relaxed. It was a fun ride and worked a little on technical as well. Spent about 10k spinning above 105 and keeping pedal rhythm. It work well in helping to make sure that you are using the entire pedal stroke and not stopping half way and letting the other leg do the work. It was a beauty day to be out as well. Not as cold as last weekend and a bright sun. I spent some time visualizing 7-8 hours ride like that one come spring, it will be a great time! I guess the only difference will be making sure to add some hills in so that the Wisconsin ride doesnt chew me up and spit me out!
Felt great from a nutrition perspective today. I am going to say it is the result of the awesome Pad thai that Trish and I made f dinner last night. what a great meal for training as well. It has tons of protein(shrimp, chicken and pork) lots of carbs(rice noodle) as well as tons of veggies. I think that it may become a training staple food. Went out this afternoon and filled u the cupboard with the ingredients.
Awesome day to get the fall chores done. We spent the afternoon cleaning up the backyard, putting away the patio furniture and trying to get winterized. A successful afternoon! Good time to get it done. The next few weeks are going to be busy. Ski season starting means a ton of upcoming meetings to get things organized. If i did not look forward to skiing it would be a crazy time, but it is the means to a good end!
Bryan who i talked about at the pool the other day sent me over his come back to tri video. Follow this link and check it out. If you are at all tri curious, it should serve to help get you off the couch and out there! I hope that my journey produces near the result that his has!
Time to go and finish my chores and relax in the hot tub for a few minutes! Have a great evening and remember, relax, it's Sunday night!!

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