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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tempo Run

A nice fall day for a run! It is confirmed, beers and running at any time re not a good mix. Today's run was far easier and more productive than yesterday's. The plan was to complete the tempo run from the online clinic i am following. I am working to catch up and not overdue it in the process. Only negative o the run was technology related. Stupid heart rate monitor decided it would stop 1/2 way through, so i topped to get my rate back which then skipped a part of the run....oh well...
Started with a good warmup below 150bpm, and then sped up to hold above 160 for teh next 5k. Went not bad and did not even seem to hit lactic point. I seem to struggle more with sucking for air than anything else. I need to start using my breathing trainer. I was good today with my warm down and spent about 1k working to get my heart rate actively below 160, better than stopping dead and not worrying about it. Then, believe it or not spent about 10 minutes stretching. i am paying particular attention to my calves as I dont want to re-aggravate I did notice today that I likely need some ART to get the knot out of my hamstring. Good things benefits start next week. Another exciting decision today, i am going to a lactate threshold test next week. For once and for all I will see where the heck my heart rate really is and be able to set my goals according to science rather than a math formula. Look forward to telling you more about it!

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