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Friday, October 30, 2009

Live life to its fullest!

I was at Trish's Aunt Wanda's memorial service today and it got my mind out of its little selfish training corner.  The pastor talked about the finality that the everyone faces and that each day is another one towards that eventuality.  Sounds a like a little bit of a downer doesn't it. Well. actually not, Trish's aunt lived a full and happy life, she had the privilege of family and friends and the opportunity to accomplish the dreams and ambitions that she chose to reach for.  As we head out each day for our training and our quest to reach a goal, it is a privilege to be able to enjoy that time and to share it with ourselves, our families and our friends.  It helped me put in perspective that what I am doing on my quest to IM is but a step in a long and fulfilled life that I can enjoy.  So what. sometimes it hurts, sometimes I am tired.....oh well!  Live life to its fullest and be known as a person who loved life for everything that it has to offer!
One of the great things I got to enjoy today was a great hard run this morning. I got the results from my lactate test, and my simple interpretation is its time to pick it up a notch.  I did!  I had a run where my BPM was around 170.  Did 8k and felt great.  I know that if I continue on the path and methodology that I have started it will pay off in spades come race season.Now, the real fun part of the day was going to Cirque de Soleil!  WOW!  If you have not  been, make it a priority, it is an awesome edge of your seat enjoyable show.  Trish and I loved every second of the show and it was a standing ovatino completion.  The athletes that compete are superhuman.  The things that they do to entertain is off the scale.  from the contortionist to the acrobats, to things that you cant describe.  All I can say is go and see it!  It was a great afternoon as Trish and I also got to go out and have some dinner and actually have something that resemble a date.  We get so caught up in the day to day and craziness it was a pure pleasure to sit acrros the table from her and not be in a rush to go somewhere.
What a day!  From morning to night it helped puts things into priority and perspective.
Remember, no matter how bad it seems, how stressful we create it for ourselves, we are lucky to be able to enjoy it! Suck it up, we decided to do it!
Cheers and Happy training!

Do what you love, love what you do!


  1. John
    What an inspirational post, Thanks. One tend to focus so much on your own activities and world that you miss the big picture very quickly.