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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

and a swim today as well!

today is the beginning of some multi training days to come! after the run i talked about earlier i headed to the pool for a swim tonight. not a bad night, but, not my best swimming yet. As usual, working on the continued progression of the total immersion system. I am having to be patient in not moving away from a drill until mastered. I am going back to some drills and re starting the progression to make certain that I move forward logically. I spend about 50% of my time doing drills and the other 50% doing lenghts. Learned the lesson on skipping the mileage last year. I tried to get out for an open water swim this past weekend, but that was all for not, the weather is working against us and that is all over now. Time to get some rest as I am going to go for a run in the morning and spend a little time on core work as well. On goes the training!

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