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Friday, October 16, 2009

a cool morning to run!

At 0 celcius and 6AM started out this morning after a few weeks with AM runs ignored. Must say, the thought of getting up sucks, but once the dead is done it is enjoyable. As I had indicated, this morning I ran at my pace for my run. It worked well. Julie was out and I ran with her and she runs the same pace as I do. We worked well and even stopped for a small break. Dont know why but my average heart rate was high this morning, I will track to see if it a morning run thing that causes it or simply a poor warm up?? I am going to see if I can adjust my schedule to do both the Tuesday and Friday am runs. If I do I can add a resistance workout in the PM which will work well. Tomorrow should be a great day, a long ride pkanned, somewhere in the range of 60-70k. The weather looks to be shaping up perfectly for it. Another great day! Have fun, off to the ski show now!

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