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Friday, October 9, 2009

Time to Start tracking

Today I started tracking all my vitals. With this info I have a baseline to tell where I am at. I list hours of sleep, morning rest heart rate and weight. I am a proponent of sleep(will be important) as training builds will be important to stay healthy. Although I do use a heart rate monitor, I have never used AM rest rate as a tool. If it is increasing it is a sign of being tired or getting sick. Sounds like a great tool!

This afternoon I am getting back into my running shoes. After 3 weeks resting from plantar, it is time to go. I will be aware and follow all the rules, stretching, ice and continue to use night splint. Also have a training ride going tomorrow. Should be good, an escarpment ride with some good hills. This will be good to compare conditioning from early summer to now.

If mother nature is nice, a good swim tomorrow as well. Likely do Kelso as it will be easier and less likely to be windy.

I will report over the weekend!

Another great activity this weekend, I ge to collect on my bet that started this whole I'm madness. Thanks Hugh, and yes I am hungry!

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving weekend! Be happy and healthy!

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