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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OK! Now the training Begins!

After a succesful lactate test today I ca now stop pre-test rest days and get on with some real training.  I must say I am looking forward to it as I now will have a concrete start point to train from which should produce some overall performance results.  Today;s test was interesting as compared to last week.  Today, even though I can feel a cold coming on, my heart rate and performance was quite different.  My overall heart rate took a lot longer to climb today than it did in my prior test.  As well, the speed and incline had to be increased in order to get my heart to get up to the point that I was ready to collapse!  I finally reached my quit point somewhere around 196 bpm, at that point I had just reached a 10 reading on lactate, then it took my rate dropped down to 160 and hovered, he actually took the reading at that point.  To get my hear rate to climb again he had to once again increase my speed, it seems the only was to get it to climb. I think it is good, it took him 4-5 more samples before my lactate started to climb again.  I was almost back up to my original speed.  I should get the results tomorrow and be able to set my zones and hit the road.  Thank you to Jeff at Sports Performance Center in Port Credit for pushing me to the limit!
This afternoon, I did go to bed for a while as I can feel this cold coming on.  I am quite aware of how I feel and thought I can beat this cold, so to bed for a couple of hours for rest.  Fingers crossed that it gives results.  It should also help as i am going to run tomorrow AM.
Today was a good day for Sherpa.  We went out to SKiis and Biikes and did some ski boot shopping.  This year she is going to put some focus on her level 3 ski instructor, being comfortable and having the proper tools is important.  It is great getting into a ski shop as it starts to build the pre season excitement!
Time for bed now, see if I cant beat this cold!
Have a great night and Happy training!

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  1. Thanks for the cold, got it Sunday Night at your house. Wonder why it took you so long to catch it. Bet if you would have run faster you would have caught it.