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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rest days Suck

So, this is my forst rest day since I started running again after plantar break. I dont like it. Although this one ifs forced as I am doing testing tomorrow, I would rather be running or swimming today. Another frustrating thing is ganing a bit of weight?? I have eaten poorly oin teh weekdens and had a coupel of beers, I suppose it si to blame, but, i am certain it wont last long as I will be back at it on Thursday AM.
I discoverd a running clinic in ealry November being hosted by Paul at Total Balance. I am going to check it out as it is all about running safely and efficiently. He claims that it will hyelp in going faster as well as reudcing injury while running. As it is my worst event as well as the toughest at the ends of IM, I beleive that this can provide a great deal of benefit in the long term. I will certainly fill you in on the results and content of the clinic.
Off I go to 'enjoy' my rest day and continue to obsess over the progress of my training. IT IS TIME TO TURN IT UP!

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  1. Hey Honey,
    I like your blog.....I need to fix your spelling. LOL