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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another great day to be alive!

What is everyone complaining about?! Woke up this morning, both my feet hit the floor, had a great breakfast kissed my wife and patted the dog Who cares about all the rest of the could be worse!
Trish and I are heading up to see her Mom today. After this whole Im stuff started, I seem to have lost a few pounds. All of the clothes that I had just purchased needed to be tailored, so off to Midland to pick the clothes up and go have lunch with Tillie!
One of the great things with road trips is Trish knows the routine. I am lucky that she does not mind driving, so I get to sit back read the paper and enjoy my morning coffee. Oh yeah, and tell her how to drive. Not a bad morning though, Trish seems to have listened to my repeated back seat driving.
On our drive up, I get an email from a guy named John. When we met Bryan at the pool on Thursday, he told me about a friend he met through IM who had made the same IM dive as I did. COmpleted a sprint and went for broke. Well, today John was very cool and sent an email off talking about his IM adventure. It amazes me having made a decision to do this, how many like minded cool people are out there to enjoy the ride and help it come to a great end! I certainly appreciate the advice and hope that I can continue to gain inspiratin from people like Bryan, John and all the other IM athletes out there. As it turns out, a little later in the day during a conversation with Hugh, John was actually in the same lane as another IM friend Peter in 2007 while training in Burlington. It is a small world when you start the training obsession!
Our trip to Midland was quick and easy. When we got back to the city we stopped to get some more 'tools' for our home gym. We are going to make one wall a cork board so that we can pin up all of the great drills and exercises that we can use when doing resistance training. this is a great way to be able shake it up a bit while still focusing on a proper muscle group. I have been talking about weigth training and honestly, I am going to start. I am going to finish my lactacte test and the games begin. Double benfit as the ski season is coming soon. Oh yeah, got a call from ROSSI today about my choice of ski for the season! Wahoo, they should be at the house by courier in the next couple of weeks!
Great LSD run today! As I said, I am doing a marathon training schedule to get my running a bit stronger. Today was 13K LSD. felt awesome. It is a good run as well as I start it with Trish, a bonus being able to spend some of my training time with her, it slows me down so that I do the run like it supposed to be. Another bonus, it speeds her up! As soon as Trish and I split up I can speed up a bit and get into a good groove. Today was good, got up to my usual pace with a drop of close to 10 beats. Like I said earier, the program seems to work, guess I will stick with it.
My turn to make dinner tonight, so on that note. I have to head to the kitchen to make some good Pad thai and have a glass of wine(hydrating)
Talk to you tomorrow after ride time! Cheers


  1. Ha ha, that's awesome that John contacted you. He's an awesome guy!


  2. John, you might find this video interesting.

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