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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Morning Run

A chilly moring it was! The temperature has finally reached 0 celcius, love it, that mens winter is not fdar away. I guesss it is not that good, as it will mean a lot of cold running in the monhths to follow.
This moring Trish and I headed out for a short runto get the day started. I hate getting up in the monring, but, my mind is now starting to tell me that I dont have the choice and it is time to haul my butt and go! Was a short 4k but it is good to learn to get my body into the morning routine. Also, teach my body a bit about when it has to go to the washoroom and when is not a conveneint time. My foot hurt a bit as we took off this morning, but as the run moved forward it loosened up. I am rolling the gold ball as we speak and waiting for my water bottle to freeze so that I can start to ice it as well.
I am going to coninue my gradual growth on lieage, I think this week I have another 20k to un for a total of about 35. Not bad, added in with a couple of bike rides and 2 more swims, I should start getting into shape before to long. Have a great day, and remember, it could always be worse!

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