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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Got my mojo today!

I dont know if it is the post Halloween affect, or if it is that ski season is closer, but, today was a great day all round!
Started the morning bright and early with Trish(sherpa) riding our bikes out to the Hamilton marathon route to support some friends doing the race.  Other than a little cool, it was a perfect day for a ride.  We headed out to the finish and rode the course backwards.  this allowed us to see all of the leaders as they raced along.  As you can imagine, most of the leaders were kenyan.  The focus that they show as they race is absolutely crazy.  As they make their way screaming down the road, their eyes could burn holes through stone.  It is such a great thing to see such commitment to the goal that they are chasing!  Overall the race was quite entertaining.  it is a small and new race(3 years old) and has a great variety of runners.  My main purpose today was to support and pace Hugh in his race.  He did awesome with another PB, finishing with a 3:02:57.  That is now 4 races in a row this year with a PB at each.  If he could only pay attention to nutrition he could break 3 hours.  Amongst our group of friends were some impressive finishes today.  Peter had a 2:47 and Jen was the second lady to cross with a 2:57  It is great to be around such great runners to keep me wanting to train to run faster.  We had a great time at the race with an opportunity to catch up with a lot of friends that we have not seen in quite a while.
The day got even better when we got home.  I had that 'kinda good' feeling today.  even though the cold has got the best of me, I still felt quite strong and ready to go. As the pace ride was an easy cruise it certainly did not take anything out of me today, so, I put on my shoes and headed out for my run.  It was a 13k LSD run using my new zones.  I set out and had a bit of a high rate to start.  However, by 4k, my  hear rate was dropping and my speed was still consistent.  In the past on my long runs I usually am reverse of that, my heart rate usually does a gradual and consistent climb.  I am certainly not  fast runner, but the base I have put in so far seems to be leading to more consistency and comfort than  in the past!  I will keep going with it and I am certain it will give me a sub 4 marathon and a good finish for the fun part of IM!  I must say I enjoyed the run more than most I can recall!
Well, with the time adjustment and a full day, time to go and get some sleep!  This cold has not been to bad and I am going to keep fighting it!
Cheers and Happy Training!


  1. Wow, Hugh did great. In the pic, he looks like he has a good running style.

  2. Hey, about the picture, who is the freak on the bike blocking the other runners?