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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Here is my list of Equipment

SO far I believe that I have the tools that I need, might be a couple of additions as this traning moves along, but, being the gear nerd that I am, I will tell you what I have and what I think about it!

Bike - Cervelo P3 - purchased from Wheels of Bloor - bike is awesome, been riding an Aquila Equipe road bike for couple of years, great ride. The change to an aero bike for training has been out of this world. Average ride speed is up 5%++, average heart rate is down about 10%!

Wetsuit - I have purchased a NINITEEN TSUNAMI wet suitffrom Foot Tools in Burlington. WOW! The thing is great. My past reantsl have been like climbing into a straight jackett, this is like a tailored suit. It is great to swim in and has made the swim learn process a bit of a joy!

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