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Monday, November 30, 2009

hey everyone, it' Trishmas eve!!

What the hell is Trishmas eve?  Yeah, that is what I said the first time I heard it as well!  Well, it is the night before December 1, 2009.  And in December is the birthday of my awesome wife, Trish.  Yeah, I know it is one day so what is with the Trishmas stuff.  I tried, you guys have a talk with her!  So, for most husbands, December 7 would be the day to have breakfast ready, dinner out, flowers and all of the other romantic things that go along!  Well, yeah, sure, my darling milks it for all its worth and had dedicated the entire month of December as hers!  Everyone take a moment in wishing Trish and Happy Trishmas!
I hope that she has the greatest season of all!  Tomorrow I am going to start by treating her to dinner and a basketball game, oooo, lucky her!  Then on Wedesday she gets to go for Wings and beer, Thursday she has a night out with the girls and then on Friday, well that will be her day again.  To be totally honest, she deserves anything on the planet that she wants.(OK I am going to gush about my wife)  She is the coolest most patient, supportive, did I say patient, understanding, enthusiastic person in the world.  If I was a girl i would still want to be married to the she is so damn cool.  She is 100% behind this IM chaos, has supported me through 5+ years of obsessing over ski industry stuff, she makes my lunches, washes my clothes, organizes my mess!  and she has a full time job!
She is the most awesome!  Happy Trishmas trish!  I love you!

PS  when I am done Ironman(and maybe a couple more events, I will clean up the garage...)

Cheers as the beginning of the holiday season is here!  Take time to thank the ones who stand behind us as we ride our days away, our friends who dont see us as we go run, our spouses who take care of stuff because we go to the pool.  It is a time of the year to reflect on how lucky we are to be who we are and the lives we have the privilege to enjoy, take a moment to remember how it is we got here and lets all celebrate a happy, healthy and safe future!


  1. Ahhhh sorry, but the holiday season has started with the kickoff off Craigmas Season in the awesome month of November. You see, either you were born in November or wish you were. But, in just 90 minutes it will be Trishmas Season.

  2. Merry Trishmas you guys! What is it with ladies getting to celebrate their birthdays for weeks on end? Happens here too. You're not alone! Enjoy!

  3. Happy Trishmas to you Trish.
    May you be spoiled the whole December until you can't take it anymore.
    It is so true, when you do IM training you need a supporting spouse and a very good one.

  4. Happy Trishmas - Trish !
    I see the photo conveniently has the trainer ( with knobbies ? no less - that'll rattle yer fillings out ! ) square in the room. No home is complete without racing stuff & accessories everywhere AND a supportive family.



  5. Thank you everyone for your wishes, yes this is the birthday girl herself and yes I will milk this one. I now understand why it was so easy to wake John up this morning. He didn't even complain when I turned the lights on at 6:10am (which is late LOL).

    To all of those people who have birthdays in December you will understand the term "trishmas" feel free to insert your own name "____mas" and make your own party, it's tough trying to squeeze in a little celebration in the month of December - and it really doesn't matter if you are religous or not. So instead of fight it, join in and 'seize the moment'.

    To all the IM'ers' (or wanna be IM 'ers'), remember staying healthy is the goal of your support team. Have a great December and let it makes the world a prettier place!

    p.s. For future reference, I will try and be more deligent about my own blog however "I blow at blogging" how do you make the time the laundry pile grows, and the fridge starts to empty.....Ha Ha Ha

  6. Happy Trishmas. And ditto on the wife comments.

  7. Hey, I celebrate my birthday all month long - November...hell, it just ended.

    BTW, you're lovely wife's support and patience will come in quite handy this year. They don't call it ironwidow for nothing. I can put her in touch with my husband;) He can give her the skinny. OH, one tip - have one date set with her each week ON your training schedule and make that time NON-negotiable (none of this, I need one more bike ride crap)!

  8. Thanks for the suggest Missy! a great idea and likely self marital preservation! Cheers