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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another goal accomplished......:)

So, some of you know how this training stuff(coming back to it) started for me. For those who dont I will tell you the short version! A few short months ago, I was tipping the scales at a little higher weight than was acceptable. I was getting to the point that I could no longer squeeze my butt into clothes. So, a good friend of mine Hugh started to call me 'fat guy'. He is the same friend that all old guy(because I am a couple years younger, I can) In an evening of banter I suggested to him that I could make my weight number go backwards but, his age number would always get bigger. Those were fightin' words! I was at 222 lbs and he bet me that within 3 months(begin of Sept) I could not be under 200lbs. Hmmm! I am not a gambler of betting man, but, when a sure bet comes along there is no way I can pass it up. As I looked back, I gained weight sitting on the couch watching TV eating bad food, I could do the opposite and get back to where I was. The bet was to my benefit and to all those who were there. He would buy dinner for all of us(there were 7 of us there). Another friend who was there knew I dont go halfway when I make a commitment, so, he thought he would up the challenge. He said, 'you can lose it but you cant keep it off until December 1' He would double the bet by offering the same wager, another dinner for me and all my friends. A no brainer x 2!
I won my first bet at 198lbs! It was a good dinner! Tomorrow I will accomplish my second goal, winning the next bet! I should be at about 192 and more than 10% reduction in BMI. I love friends who are willing to take dumb bets!
What kind of goal did I accomplish....losing weight seems it would be the goal!  No!  It is a means to the end.
A couple of years back I had friends who completed an IRONMAN.  I looked and spoke with them with the greatest respect seemingly knowing what went into training and accomplishing such a crazy goal.  As a blogger friend would call it 'BHAG'(big hairy audacious goal)  In the back of my mind I thought, WOW, that would be such a cool thing to accomplish.  The thought was very shortly followed by a rush of negativity of all the crazy things you had to do to get there.  And away I went. Yeah, on my bucket list, but I will dig that out later!
My Goal!  My silly friends betting me(and losing) accomplished an unconscious goal of not allowing my mind to prevent me from doing what I dream!  Along the way of feeding my friends via silly wagers, I had to get in shape.  So, swimming, biking, running was what all my friends did so I joined them.  I could not swim a length of a pool so it was self imposed torture to do it.  But, suck it up butter cup, you have something to get done here!  I learned to swim and actually started to like it.
So this weekend I have spent a little time reflecting on where I am now because I was willing to accept losing.  I am on the train to being more physically fit than I have in 30 years.  I am on the train to hearing someone saying 'john, you are an IRONMAN'.  On a train of learning new things, meeting some awesome people.  A train that will likely almost wreck a few times over the next year!
BUT, I have accomplished the goal and realization, that, ONLY ME CAN DECIDE WHAT ME CAN ACCOMPLISH AND NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!  Live for your Dreams!  they make life a blast, you learn more along the way.


  1. Wow Great job John.
    You should take another bet on loosing some more weight as you now train for Ironman you will keep dropping those lbs.

    Well done and yes soon you will hear that words that no one can describe the feeling to you,when you cross that IM finish line.
    Keep it up

  2. Good story J. I can feel the laser focus in your words. Hugh's created a monster.