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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who said getting up early was bad....LOL

OK.  Thanks  for the advice on early morning tools to get up, I am going to head out and look for a SAD lamp to help me get this morning thing taken care of!  BUT, victory this morning!!  Got my sorry butt out of bed and got to swimming.  Not without some effort on Trish's part.  The alarm was set for 5:15, when it went off I suggested that she hit snooze.  That was all part of my strategy set before I went to sleep.  Then, 10 minutes later wehen she came to tell me to get up, I questioned her because I had not heard the alram go off again.  How dare she steal my extra 2 minutes of sleep!  What an ass I am!  She goes through the efforts to get me up because I am undisclipined, and I give her attitude!  I am so lucky bto have a wife who is an absolute angel!!  Thank you for putting up with my crap darling! 
So I made it out to the pool for a moring swim.  I was meeting Hugh and Pete there for a workout.  I was quite proud to be there as the same time as Hugh  who was actually counting on me not showing up.  My thoughts are with Pete who had to head urgently head  for western Canada to be with his brother who is sick with cancer.  It is such ba terrible disease and so many frinds have been affected.  In teh summer I do the Ride to Conquer Cancer in order to help out in any way that I can.(you can make a donation to my find rasing efforts at and enter my full name or my particapant number My Participant ID: 540230-0)  Many people we know today and future generations are counting on continued reseasrch to help find a cure!  Pete, best wishes to your brother in his fightt!!!
My swim this morning was great.  I still moaned about being out of bed for a few minutes after I started and then.....WOW.....I started to get teh awesome feeling of being there and getting it done!  Mind over matter!  I guess there is a lot of truth to the statement.   I am going to take the energy from this morings workout and use it to continue the momentum!
Following my awesome workout I had a great productive day at work.  I have a huge project that is almost complete. It was a bouncy road long the way, but with a project of that size I suppose it is to be expected.  And on continuing projects and new business, I would say that I currently holding my own.  It seems that things are picking up a bit, which should make the beginning of the year a good start and build into 2010.  Enough about work, that is not the fun part of what I do!
The weather today was awesome.  Beautiful sun, 8-9 Celsius, not a lot of wind.  So, I left the office at 3:30 and took advantage of the weather to do a run.  Today is theoretically tempo day, so off I went to get dressed and ready to go.  On days like today, I see all kinds of people running in shorts, so I thought I may have been the odd guy and decided to do the same thing today.  I have a rule of 10 degree Celsius, it is time to put on a pair of tights.  No, not today, thought i would do what everyone else does.  Sorry to insult all of you winter short runners, but, it is stupid!  My damn legs started off pale like the fall weather makes them, then graduated to a nice bright red, finally on the last 2k they were a deep purple!  Bloody hell, my legs were frozen.  I am not opposed to cold weather, after all I will go out and ski when it is -30, but, get real, I wear the proper clothes to correspond to the weather!  Otherwise my run today was awesome.  I started training properly using zones about a month ago.  Today the product of that started to show.  I am not rocket man by any means, but my run today impressed me.  Being a tempo run I needed to run a 160+HR.  That I did, I averaged a 162 and a 5 min/k for 7k.  A month ago I would have run the same route at a 5:20 at a HR average of 170+.  So as I try and temper my enthusiasm and keep in perspective that it is very early in the process, this run re-filled my glass of KoolAid!  Wahoo!  I look forward to continued progress and more improvements as I start the real training in the spring.
In the past while I have had some challenges with my left quad and hamstring.  Tonight was treatment 2 in the cure.  I went out to SPC in Port Credit for an ART session.  How can anything that hurts so bad help out so quickly.  Last week I had a continuous nag in my leg, that went away with the first treatment.  tonight he found another knot deep down that was nagging a bit on Sunday's long run.  Net result, the treatment should help me in maintaining a continued progress.  Hats off to the staff at SPC, I have used them  a few times in the past for some ski related back problems and they are always successful in getting to the problem without any sideline time!
Overall I had a great day!  As I am not in training I think I am going to head off and have a glass of wine.  I hope you have a great night and while you sleep tonight find the inspiration to find and seek your next dream!!


  1. I don't care who you are, getting up at that hour BLOWS BUT we do it because we gotta. It's just the way it is. It's nice to get something done before the rest of the world is even awake too.

  2. OK, you're right it does suck! BUT, I am doing what I need to so that I am convinced. I read your Race Report! it is great, helps put the race into a great perspective. Cheers!

  3. J, this is the sad lamp I got. It's awesome