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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I am a geek....

OK, there is one to admit!  seems that each day I spend time researching how I might become faster, leaner, lighter, what gear is good.....Ahh! It is a lot of fun and I hope in the end that it makes me a stronger IRONMAN in 11 months!  If not, i will have learned a ton of new things to share with tri-friends!
As I have been fighting this cold for a while, I have been successful, it has not broken out into a terrible cold and my training has been strong throughout.  I hope I am not talking to soon.
Since this obsession started, I have been paying attention to what I eat and trying to lead as healthy a existence as possible.  Seems it must work.  I dropped 25lbs really quick while I was counting calories, and I am still losing today even though I am eating a ton more than before.  I'll stick with it and see where it brings me.  I hope I dont drop a ton more because I just had all my clothes adjusted to the tighter belt loop and dont want to have to do it again!  I guess my problems could be worse.
Started my morning with a great run with the Oakville coffee shop group.  Most of the group was recovering from the Hamilton marathon on Sunday so they were a little worse for wear today.  As I only rode the course, I was in good shape to go.  I had a great tempo run.  I am feeling the benefits of my training to date as I did the 9k run in 4 less minutes than last time, love those results.  Still a ton of work to go to become a fast runner, but, any progress is good progress!
To continue along with a good day, work was good today.  A huge project seems to be on the rails now!  Started last week as a bit of a wreck, but with a little massaging it seems that we will get this thing done ahead of schedule and paid for it before we know it!
On the other geek part of my life, I spoke with Rossignol today(my ski supplier) and my gear for this season is in the mail.  WOW!  It wont be long now and the snow will be flying so, time to get the gear in and get it set up.  Looking forward to this winter.  The benefit of all the training should pay off for my skiing this winter.  Although I have no courses on my schedule, I should be able to do some awesome refinement on my technique.  I am also looking forward to my long runs after skiing on Saturdays.  It will be a great way to unwind and with our new winter chalet, the hottub will be an great treat at the end of the run! I guess the only thing stopping the winter fun is the snow!  Bring it on!
Time to sit and have some quality time with Trish and then heaad out to visit a friend we have not seen in a while.
Have a great night, great rest and stay healthy!


  1. Hope your cold gets better. You look like a pro in that picture.

  2. Rest and power of the mond will get rid of it! Skiing on a mountain is South America will make anyone look good! LOL