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Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's been a good week!

It is weekend eve and I am feeling quite good after a week of diligent workouts.  I am paying attention to the fact that this is theoretically off season and I should not be on a program, however, the non-program I am on seems to be providing some results.  I had a great workout this afternoon, spent about 1:15 in pool and did 2700m.  A good mix of drills and lengths to build on all areas of my weakness.  Probably one of the more satisfying workouts that I have had to date.  On my way into the pool tonight, Hugh was at the front chatting with Bryan.  It was great to see Bryan from as he has been fighting the flu only a week before the 70.3 worlds in Clearwater.  He seems to be over the hump and ready to pack for his race next week.  Hope he keeps getting better and kicks some personal goal butt next weekend!  wanted to head out for some more power yoga tonight, but, beer got in the way!  Trish had the girls over for the monthly wine night that they share, so I went out to the pub and had a beer and some bad food with the guys!  Oh well! Plan on going tomorrow night and getting another great workout!
Time to get to bed, tomorrow starts at 5 with a run and then a ton of work to do tomorrow!
Hope everyone had a good day, hey! and remember, have fun because life is to short!

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  1. I always find drinking beer is motivating. I makes you want to burn off those calories the next day. :-)