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Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm addicted....

I guess at some point along the road to an Ironman you have to reach the tipping point where you are doing it because you have a general huge enjoyment for the rush of the sport???? Well , as my count down timer fell below the 300 number today, I fell onto the wagon.  I am really enjoying the training, the camaraderie and the overall healthy feeling I am developing as an overall result!  Hope all you IM people out there will confirm that the rush is genuine and continues along the road!  If not, oh well, I have drunk some kind of koolaid and I am sticking with it!  As mentioned my race is 299  days away.  Still a long time, but I found it kind of exciting today to see a symbolically large change in numbers!  How many more runs, swims and bike rides does that translate into,  looking forward to it!

Had a great day today.  I have recently started doing some product reviews for Lululemon.  Tonight was a product training session for the staff at the store and I was asked to join them as a 'model' to demo the clothes and tell the staff how I would use them and what I thought.  It was a great night, got to meet a couple of other athletes, the staff at the store and check out some of the features of Lululemons performance clothing.  I have recently started using Lulu's performance clothing and I am impressed.  They spend a lot of time listening to customers and are coming up with some great stuff to train in.  I hope they continue to develop great clothes! thanks for the invite Lululemon Oakville!  I met Adam Dunn tonight who is a Lululemon ambassador.  He is a 4 time Ironman including one trip to Kona.  great coincidence as 2 of his races have been Wisconsin. We were able to talk a bit about the race and will continue come summer.  They do a couple of rides in the AM each week and I will likely join is once and a while.  Again, part of what I love about the sport.  It seems all the people involved are very genuine and ready to help out and share the awesome stories that they have.
Well tomorrow AM is Yoga to keep the muscles stretched.  So I should pack it in now! Have a great night!  Cheers!

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