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Sunday, November 29, 2009

a great weekend of fun...

It was am awesome weekend!!  Other than the fact that I should have been skiing and am not!!  Oh well, it could be worse!

The weather is certainly providing for some very non seasonal activities.  Early November and still able o run trails and be out road riding without being frozen,  WOW, it sucks!  On the positive side, I did get to do both of the non seasonal activities and had a great time doing it!  The photo of the trail was an awesome run yesterday.  The trails are in great shape and very dry and the area is awesome.  It is in a river ravine that I have not run before and a great change of pace from running on the road all the time.  I will definitely be using them for training next season. It was also a great morning, the temp was perfect, the rain has stopped.  We had 11 people out.  It was great as Trish came out for the run as well. THe course is good as it is an 10k loop s you can choose how far you want to run, cut off at 10k or do more!  It has a couple of awesome hills as well, to make certain that the workout is not too easy. I did discover than for my training runs I need to put a focus on doing my run and not the groups.  I went out at a 4:45k on my start.  So, in the future I will pay attention so that I can get maximum benefit from the workout!

Today I was able to get out with Bryan Payne at for an great ride.  When I started the day I thought it was a little cold so I made a half decision that I would swim instead.  I sent a not to Bryan, who suggested he had the gear and was ready to go. AWESOME idea!  The day was great it was a fantastic ride.  we rode up north west of Burlington for about 60k. I have been on some of the roads that we were on, but not nearly all the great scenic places we were able to see today.  We saw chickens crossing the road, a field of pics eating corn(cool photo).  It was great as the traffic was light as well! I also liked the opportunity to ride with Bryan.  I respect Bryan as he is a committed trainer and works hard behind the sport.  his recent awesome finish at Clearwater proves that.  We had a great ride talking about, tri's, families, work and all sorts of other things.  A great ride enjoying the weekend!  You can learn a whole lot about a person chatting on a ride. If you have read his blog you will know he is a great guy and very entertaining.
THis great weekend finished off with a few friends over for Grey Cup! What a game, down to the last play!
I hope your weekend was great and you were able to fulfill a little more of your dreams!
Congrat's IM Cozumel folks!  hope you had a great race!


  1. I love the picture you took of the pigs. It reminds me of what I looked like before my triathlon comeback. I had a great time. Can hardly wait till it warms up and we go Ironman Long.

  2. yeah, I kinda felt like that before I dedcided to get off my butt! looking forward to puting some miles on teh road as well! great ride yesterday, chickens, pigs and no cars!

  3. No report on the chili for the Grey Cup? I had several.

  4. I feel like a pig, does that count at all? I'm going to put those new stretchy pants to the test. The Grey Cup sounds like my kind of game/party - if there's gobs of beer there.

  5. Missy, you would have been right at home with the ride....I assume Thanksgiving was a little over the top. If gobs of beer is the qualifier for a god party, hell Grey Cup is only the beginning, welcome to Canada eh! Cheers