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Monday, November 2, 2009

Ahh, rest day is so great!

No, I think it is great because I dont have to do a workout, because I am at the point that I want and enjoy my workouts.  I enjoy rest day as it is Yoga night! The time spent is great in many ways.  First and foremost the stretch benefits(seeing as I am not as diligent as I should be otherwise) and secondly, the relaxation  is a 10 out of 10!  I am lucky having an ability to tune out the world in order to relax, but, this one hour a week is a great time to get into a deeper zone than usual!  Another successful Monday!
 So, teh cold I have been fighting has managed to work its way in.....damn!  But, I am not letting it take over.  I have been mindful to rest, drink lots of water and eat healthy.  So far it seems to working.  Many other friends and family are getting knocked off their heels with it. Bryan at is currently resting, my brother in law is in ICU with pneumonia that came on like a freight train!  I hope that I can continue to fight my way against this.  The next couple of days are gradually heavier training so I will have to make certain to pay attention.
Today I started my proper research for another heart rate/GPS monitor.  I have a POLAR CS200 for y bike which tracks great data from a bike perspective, but I want something to track accurately for my runs and rides for distance and elevation.  I was looking at the GARMIN 305, but Bryan(same as above) suggested the 310XT as it is water proof as well.  I will check into both and make a decision soon.  After all, Christmas is coming and I have been a good boy this year.  MAybe he will leave it under the tree for me! If anyone reading has suggestions please let me know your thoughts and experiences.
Time for bed, 5AM comes along quick and tomorrow is a run morning and swim PM, need my sleep.
Cheers and stay healthy!

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  1. Great picture. That looks like one hell of a big casket. LOL.