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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I win!.jpg

Well, it is confirmed. The previously growing guy has been victorious in the second part of his bet. To make it exciting I ate lots and didn't do my morning business before my weigh in. So like the stock market I have been dropping since the bet started. And, like the stock market I expect a downward adjustment over the coming months before I stabilize at some width significantly smaller than where I started!
Thank you all for the challenge and the ongoing chatter! Any other best you amy want to extend may be considered!
Cheers and bon appetit!

For those not familair with the purpose of this picture, it is to capture on my blog the challenge that started my quest for Ironamn.  June 1, this year I was pushing 222lbs and growing.  My training partner High and another good friend Craig challenged me to lose weigth.  What an awesome bet, I continue to drop weigth, registered for an IRONMAN, and best of all......teh bet was for dinner for all the gang that was present when the bet was made!  I hope they are all hungry!


  1. Who witnessed this "weigh in." It looks like Karma's feet. Shoot it could be anyone. Need proper verification.

  2. Gotta be careful with that reflection off the scale there John... boxers or briefs??!?!?!? Well done! Keep it up!!!

  3. Well done, John. keep it "down" and show then