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Friday, November 20, 2009

How many days to form a habit???

OK!  Day 3 on my getting up pre 6AM to do some kind of workout.  I suppose the weekend wil be the test, I have challenged myself to get my ass out of bed tomorrow morning and go for s haort run even though it is a rest day!  I am going to stay in bed Sunday as rest is probably good.  I am going to follow my rest with a long'ish ride, as the waether looks to be great adn tehn a 20k run.  Hopefully OI am smart enogh not to ahve too many beers on Saturday night!?
 So my questions was "How many days to form a habit?"  I have been told 21 days. SO that means I have 18 more of getting out of bed before 6 and then I am cured??  Dont think so!!!  I think back to some of the bad habits that I have had, they took me about 3 days to develop, and truth be known some are still there.  Why is it only the good habits are hard to accomplish!  So from this oint forward, enbough about my lazy morning habit.  The only way I will post about it again is to face the humiliation of failure when I dont stick with it!!
This morning was an awesome day for a run I joined my friends at "BeanThere" in Oakville for a short run.  They have been doing this morning run for quoite a while now and I am lucky to be able to join them as they are a great group to train with.  On days that are about putting in some miles, I can find someone to go with and on the days when I want to kill myself with a grueling fast run, I hang on and see how long I can watch the backs of the OCD only can run like it is a race guys!@  Regardless of my choice of the day it is a great start.  And Brett makes a good cup of coffee to finish it off with!
The rest of my day today was a blurr!  I was busy at work and had a tone of meetings.  I intended to go or a swim late in teh day, but got caught i traffic and had to bai.  Hmmmm, its Friday, think I will go for a beer with Trish and Hugh!  So, off to the pump(the local bar) we go and have a beer and chat about our day! As always catching up at the end of a eek is a lot of fun!We all did have a great week with success t work, new goals reached and new dreams set!  And, we have tomorrow to look forward to!
We had a great night with our guests.  I had not seen some of them since our wedding 5 years ago.  It was fun to connect and hear the stories of our wedding night! Carlo and Monica live in Port Credit which is close for us. Declan and Linda were hear this evening as well!  With 3 kids staying with Grandma this is a relacxing night!  Declan has done 2 IM's!  A great dinner guest.  Within minutes we start a discussion on IM and, believe it or not it does continue for a while.  I am gaining to more in depth and better understating each day that I move towards the start line.  It is a great feeling, although I realize that come D-day that are still a thousand unfelt thoughts to experience.  I am thinking that is why we decide to do this crazy thing!
Over the course of this evening I also tweeted with  . He just finshed the 70.3 world's and is in relax mode.  Check out his blog to see the fun he started having tonight!  And, Happy Birthday Bryan!  His brithday after  a great race, this is his week!
Tomorrow I am off for my class room traning for Craigleith, which is my winter weekend ski teaching thing.  It should be a fun day. a lot of other instructors will be around. It will be a grat day for catching up wth everyone.  Then tomorrow evening is action packed.
As tomorrow is Bryan's birthday, we are going to visit with him for tha as well as to celebrate his awesome accomplishment at 70.3 worlds t.   following his party we are meeting our AM running group at a bar where a great band is playing..  Should be an awesome night I am looking forward to seeing everyone out of running shoes and relaxed.
Time for me to sign off, tomorrow is a rest/workout day, so I must get some sleep!
Cheerrs, and have an awesome weekend!

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