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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another day another workout.....

This has been another inspirational week on the training schedule.....oops, I am not training I am 'exercising' as it is off season!  But, yeah it has been a great week!
This week I took time to A) workout  B) breath  C) reflect on the lucky life I lead  D) appreciate others E) respect the friends that I enjoy and the races they are about to start shortly......I think this gives a general idea of how great week it has been.  A lot is happening that makes me stop from time to time and appreciate how lucky we are!
Today was a day that helped me appreciate some of the race time tension that may happen.  Bryan who is in Clearwater at the 70.3 World Champion kinda lost his bike.  He got to FL yesterday and Southwest could not find his bike.  I know I would have likely flipped, but it is not me down there.  After 12'ish hours of stress his bike did show up and he was able to get out on a great relaxing ride.  I am thrilled for him as he is able to relax and focus on his huge accomplishment this weekend! Good luck Bryan and have fun!
Another exciting part of the day, my training partner and good friend Hugh got into a small accident on his way to the airport in SC. It seems that it wasnt to bad as he was able to make his flight.  Lucky for him the US marshall was very cool and helped him make his flight on time.  And, he did come out to the pool with me this afternoon for a good training swim.

My swim today was great.  Most of them are great. Each time I am at the pool and think it is tough I think back to the beginning of the summer when I could not swim 100m.  Now I am able to knock off 2000m without being in a desperate gasp for breath.  A litttle bit of work and a lot of mindset seems to be able to kncok off some major accomplishments.  I look forward to continuing the training and hope that it only gets easier as I continue to focus on where I am right now!
This morning, contrary to everything my brain tells me to do, I got up and went to YOGA.  Think about this for a minute, 6AM, get out of bed, put on clothes to workout and head off to a Yoga studio.  Anything wrong yet, then.....guess what, it is 630 AM dont forget, and I am asked to bend over and touch my toes.....hey, do you know I have not had coffee yet, now stretch and twist.....dont get me wrong, I am really enjoying it....just not accepting the fact that it is 630AM.  The net result is an awesome class and a truly spiritual start to the day!  In a very short while I have gained a discipline in going to yoga.  It have learned how to relax a bit, focus on the pose that I am completing and allowing myself to relax.  I have learnt to breath, hnmmmm, maybe I will try while i am running and swimming, it seems to work for me! I think overall it is a great discipline to continue as it will help me all round!
well, guess it is that time, I want to run in AM and I need to excessive sleep.  So, all my friends who are at races, kick some IRONMAN asss!  All those who are tapering, taper, you deserve and have trained for where you are and its race time!  You will have an awesome race and another notch on the bed post! Cheers

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  1. J, that is the best blog picture I've ever seen. As Wayne and Garth would say, I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy...

    You look like Michael Phelps.