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Monday, November 23, 2009

And another great day it was! Thank you Tim Horton!

Tim Horton's coffee shops rule!  Yes, the coffee is amazing, but tonight it rules for a different reason!   After a productive day at the office I got home about 5 and got set to go out for a run.  So, the weather was decent, i got my gear on and headed out the door.  Running later in the day is generally when I run.  I am awake, have eaten so have good energy level, and I like the scenery of people buzzing home from work, all rushed to get home to do chores.  So, off I went on my run.  Tonight was a LSD run, so I searched for a groove and settled in.  As I trotted along, I felt like a million bucks.  I did find my groove and I have to day one of the most comfortable runs  have had in a while.  That is until 11.44km when my stomach did a little rumble.  'Oh', I thought, what a bizarre time to have my stomach rumble like this.  I figured it was temporary and I could continue along.  THEN, another rumble, but this one was not little and it had something it wanted to tell me.  CRAP, pardon the expression, I had an emergency on my hands.  I was about 2k from anywhere and my stomach was at war with me.  What the hell was I going to do now.  The thought of running faster crossed my mind, Yeah RIGHT!  All I could do about now was run and pray that my butt cheeks were not going to fail me!  I looked at the forest along side of me, and the thought of the nice wet leaves off the giant maple trees was not going to happen.  I had to go so bad that every part of my body was cramping. Then lucky me, I turned the corner and I knew there was a Timmy's just up the road.  Yes, it was up the road, a hill about 750 meters long before the resting place.  I stumbled along, my heart rate up about 15 beats per minute as I continued my panic.  Finally, I got there....ran into the place, the whole time hoping nobody would be there. Horay!  It's empty!  About 30 seconds later I came out of the washroom, the lady at the counter looked at me with an almost frightened look on her face as she asked me if I wanted a coffee. I kind of chuckled as I said no thank you and shuffled out the door.  What an adventure that was!   Thank you Tim Horton's, you came through when most needed again!  The rest of my run was wonderful, I felt light as a bird on my feet.  My heart rate dropped about 20 beats, my pace picked up and I continued along with a wonderful satisfied smile on my face!  I had won the match!
That is how my day came to an end!  What a fitting way to end a day that was filled with adventure and good times.  I had a great productive day at work, couple new customers, an order to add along with it!  Hey, things are picking up a bit.  I have a couple side projects that are adding a big intrigue and excitement to my day to day as well.  I'll share more about that when the time is appropriate!  Well, my day is about to wrap up.  Tomorrow is early run day as I am going to Bball game tomorrow night, and trying to squeeze in a swim in afternoon.  So, I hope your day was a happy one, with a lot of success and fun and hopefully some kind of ridiculous story you can share with your friends one day as well!  Cheers!


  1. Sounds like you not only had a good leg workout, but a good isometeric buttocks workout as well.

  2. John
    Really funny story, happened to me once but luckily was close to home and could run back home. Amazing how light one feels afterwars

  3. I was in Edmonton last week and went to Tim Horton's for the first time ever. Good coffee! (And maybe donut bites, not that I had one, er, many.)

    Glad you made it in time. ;-)

  4. Timmy's is a Canadian institution! you have experienced a true part of Canadian culture:)

  5. Glad that it all "worked out" for you John! Timmy's rocks!

  6. I laughed my butt of at this (pun not intended). Emergency Poop never strikes at a good time!