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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The 3 B's!

Had an action packed day! Started a 6am with a great run. Mother Nature was seemingly apologizing for not sending any snow yet, she did it by holding off on pouring while we went for a morning run. Went out with our twice weekly coffee group and as usual had a great run and great coffee afterwards. I love going through the training with friends and like minded nut cases as it makes you want to go stronger and never miss a workout.
Work today was a barrel of monkeys! Had anyone asked me how my day was, only one answer would have come to mind, 'living the dream'. Some of you may recognize this from my previous blog for the others, it is my positive sale guy way of saying the day sucks but because I am a positive sale guy I can never say that. You know what, now that I past it all, how bad was it? I didn't need heart surgery, my head is still on top of my shoulders and hell, I am still standing on the top side of the grass! It was another day with the experiences life gives us.
The great part of my day was THE 3 B's! What is it you ask? Well, basketball, which I get to enjoy quite a bit(Raptors, not me playing), beer, which is a required part of a good basketball game, and bad food, something I have not had in the longest time. The basketball game was great as the raptors won, the beer well that goes without saying! The bad food, well, I now why I don't eat that crap anymore! It was a truly entertaining evening! And, I used it as a rest night!
After all the excitement I need to get home now, so without further delay I have to go to the washroom and get on the train home! Have a great night! Cheers to all!
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