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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why the heck do we want to chase the IM dream.....

I want to start my post today by wishing Bryan Payne a huge good luck and great fun on his accomplishment in reaching this weekends 70.3 World Championship! Bryan , you have served in motivating me(and likely many others) in watching your commitment and your drive.  Be proud and have an absolutely awesome race and great time!  I look forward to hearing all about your adventure via  and getting together at your re-intro to beer and birthday night!  Good luck and have fun!!!
Well, meeting someone like Bryan as well as all of the other IM's and endurance athletes is why I chase the IM dream.  I wake up a lot of days feeling like a sack of hammers.  The odd day it is self induced because I did to good a job at rehydrating after a good workout, others, well.... because I dont want to get out of bed to do a workout.  Then, I take a minute and think about how good it feels when I am done that workout. is still a struggle to get my asz out of bed to get it done, but, I visualize what I will feel like in 2 hours and start my journey!  Three steps into the workout and the world seems to become a better place.  I find a new energy and motivation in the workout that I have the continued chase towards the IM finish line.  If it was an easy thing to always find this motivation, everyone would be an Ironman!  
Each day I spend a little time educating myself about the adventure I have chosen  I speak with other athletes, I study nutrition, talk to other coaches, spend time mental training and visualizing.  Each time I complete one of those steps I get more excited about crossing the finish line.  Having the privilege to be able to get up each morning and train for this insanity is a privilege.  The fact that my wife puts up with me going for another workout is beyond reason.  The fact that I can do those things pushes me to do it the best that I can!

Today was a great training day.  I get back from work today after sitting in the car almost all day in traffic.  I had to visit a couple of customers and as luck would have it they were in the direction of traffic.  After a couple of days off(sunday was an actual rest day, yesterday's workout was completed on ski simulator) I was ready for a good workout.  I headed out for a Zone 4 run.  Yes, short but hard.  I did just under 6k with my heart rate over 160.  Doesn't sound like a lot, but it did hurt.  Felt great to finish the run.  With my new training zones set, my tempo and speed workouts have kicked up a bit in intensity. It is great to know that busting my hump for a while now will give great results by spring time.  After a few short weeks of changing how I train I have already started to feel the changes.  The HR is proof, my overall performance had increased and the HR has dropped in the process.  Yay!  Hope it keeps going that way!
I finished my day today with another awesome POWERYOGACANADA workout.  I am telling you, if you have not done it yet, call me, drop by for dinner and we will go and do it(gym is around corner from my house)  This is my 3rd workout in a 1 1/2 and I am gaining strength as well as stronger focus and breathing control.   It is also a fun place to be, relaxing, Pauline and Kindli and great, and all the staff from  Lululemon Oakville were visiting, it was like a party!  Another great benefit is that I am actually almost at the point that I can touch my toes. Hmmm....there is a good thing.  Four months ago, 30 pounds, a bag of Doritos and a beer, yeah, I was living a healthy life.  It is amazing how quickly I have come to enjoy being healthy as a direction to follow rather than a bet of a fad.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it.  Talk to a couple of my friends, I can talk you into starting and I am great at motivating you to continue!
I had a crazy day today and seem to be jumping all over in my blog! I will stop the confusion now and go and get some sleep!
Bryan have a great race!!
And everyone else, dont ever stop chasing your dreams!!!!

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  1. Thanks for the well wishes John. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Keep up the good work!!!