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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Once there was a fat guy....

What I am talking about......Well, my post tonight must start with a big congratulations to Bryan Payne who set a PB at the 70.3 World's today.  If you have read his blog,  you will know why I have names todays' blog as I have.  It is awesome to see that someone makes a decision and has a dream.  And with outstanding determination goes all the way and makes it a reality. Awesome race today Bryan, an inspiration to the rest of the once fat guys out there!!!!

Today was a day of other inspirations as well!  I was at a function today to launch the 2009-10 ski season.  It is always a pleasure to be with other ski enthusiast and to share my passion with them as we head into the winter season.  Many athletes look at the winter as the cold snowy time to train.  No, not is the time of year to train after an awesome day of skiing and being able to share my passion for the sport teaching and coaching.  It makes the tun afterwards a pleasure and no matter how cold a lot of fun.  At todays event, Chris Rudge, the chair of the Canadian Olympic Committee came out and spoke with us.  In his presentation he talked about the  commitment in Canada to be the best, the quest for the podium and not accepting anything but the top.  In the context of his presentation he talked about many athletes who have worked for years with the goal of the Olympics in mind.  With the games in Canada this winter, the dreams are set to be realized.  Canada and the athletes have worked together to reach for the dream and not allow anything to deter the road towards the ultimate that had been imagined.  As ac country at the elite level, a no holds barred nothing will set me back attitude had produced one of the best groups that Canada or the world has seen in years.  He showed a presentation that was given in the contecxt o the recent PANAM games bid in which Toronto was successful.  It presented a kid with a dream and followed his lifetime commitment to achieve it!  I look forward to watching the games this year and seeing Canada accomplish the best!  
I have been inspired in the past couple of weeks with repeated examples of individuals accomplishing the impossible, reaching the dream!  Brian Stemmle who would not accept anything but the top, our current winter Olympic team made up of athletes that have spent a lifetime getting to the start line, IM friends who trained and have realized the apparent impossible, and many other cyber space 'friends' who are about to reach the impossible goals they have set.  Some of you may be familiar with ROAD ID.  It is a safety organization that makes up safety wrist bands that you wear with emergency contact info.  On the tag is a space to put an inspirational statement that represents you .  On my band, before having the pleasure of seeing such inspirational speakers and world class performances, my statement on my band is "LIVE FOR YOUR DREAMS".
Thank you to all of the people that I have heard and witnessed this week.  More that ever you have proven that nothing is impossible, if you believe in something, dream that you can do it......the only thing stopping you is yourself!
LIVE FOR YOUR DREAMS!!!!!  (otherwise life will get a little boring!)


  1. J, I love the positivity and optimism of your posts. Thanks also for the props.


  2. John
    What a statement, it's so true.

    Amazing how you look forward to the winter being able to ski.
    One thing about South Africa is we don't have snow. I've never seen snow, and obviously can't ski and the only time was when we were overseas and saw some snow cap mointains. when ever I've been in foreign countries was when it was summer for them.

    What a privileage to have a ski season, winter is not always bad, except when you in SA.

  3. Jhan, you will have to plan a holiday with your children in the future and introduce them to snow. (if you visit Ontario, Canada my wife and I could set you all up with a ski lesson) Hope you had a great weekend and your training is going well! Cheers