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Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's time to ski, come on already!!!!

OK, usually I am a happy go lucky I am getting frustrated!  Anyone who knows me well enough, knows that all of my training originally started as a result of a desire to be the best that I could be for skiing!  I started off a long time ago running, then cylcing then the gym and it grew from there.  Tonight I am going to talk about skiing.
I did however have a great workout today(because I want to ski better)(oh yeah, and I registered for an Ironman).  As you may know swimming is the furthest thing from nautral for me.  I ahve had to work at it and continually focus on drills, putting in time and studying what to do.(to dumb to get a coach)  So, today I had a 2500m swim in 55 minutes.  For those of you speed demons, it likely seems a little slow, for me, I was thrilled as hell to have done a straight lenght practice in that kind of time.  The great thing is I finished it with energy to burn and was not sucking for air when I finished.  It is crazy that 4-5 months ago, I did not want to swim because O sucked os bad, now I look forward to it and love doing my practice!  I also started my morning with a great Yoga practice.  If you dont do Yoga I can not encourage you enough to get at it.  It is a tremendous workout both physically and mentally.  I am benefiting from it in developing a stronger focus and ability to not lose my ability to breath through the hurt during workouts.  I think it is a great benefit to anyone who participates in endurance sports.
Back to skiing for a while!  My passion since I was a kid was skiing.  Here is a little background....  As a kid who grew up in northern Ontario the expectation was that I would become a hockey player.  Like every parent, mom would drop me off at the rink for practice 2x a week(back then kids only practiced twice so they still had time to be kids)  My week night practice was acceptable, but Saturday when the ski hill was open was a different show.  I grew up in the far north, the streets in the winter were solid ice and a lot of it.  You could actual skate on the streets there was so much ice.  My mom would drop me off at the outdoor arena for practice and then head off to the grocery store to get her shopping done for the week.  Well, I did not have a lot of time for hockey while the ski hill was open.  As soon as my mom would leave, I would take off from the rink and skate home along the streets.   As quickly as possible a I would put on my lace up ski boots and head to the ski hill.  Holy smokes!  You should have checked out the fireworks when my mom got a hold of me when I finally came off the ski hill.  By this time she would have finished shopping and then ran around town like a maniac looking for me. Only to learn from little Bobby who bumped into her that I had taken off to go skiing.  Well, good thing I had a lot of fun on the ski hill, because the resulting punishment from taking off without letting her know was not a treat.  But, I was not the smartest kid, the next week I completed ACT 2, the same show, and guess what, the same result.  Needless to say, I was grounded for a good while, but, she figured out I was not going to be Wayne Gretzky quite fast. My hockey career was over and I became a ski nut!  That was a long time ago and my passion has not waned a bit since.  I have continuously worked on my ability to ski, I teach on the weekends for fun, I met my wire taking a course, I am on the Canadian Ski Instructors Board of Directors responsible for a provincial training program.  Guess you can figure it out, I like skiing. Last year was one of my best seasons ever.  I was able to ski 50+ days over the winter, skied in South America for 2 weeks in the summer and for a week at a training cap in Zermatt in October.  The awesome season was topped off with the season beginning in November with the greatest ski conditions in a long time.  The attached video is a quick clip of Trish and I on our first day out., my repeated moaning about the weather is about not being where I like to be this time of year.  If any of you have a phone number for mother nature, do me a favor, give her a call and tell her to stop being a b*&%......its ski season and it is time for snow!
So enough of my moaning about snow(I know most of you dont want it come)!  Other than my selfish obsession(the other one after tri) life is damn good!  A loving wife, a great family, a good career, my health, my friends and the pleasure of getting out of bed every morning and being able to stare the world in the face and taking in everything that it has to offer!  I hope that you have had an awesome day, been able to enjoy the victories and learn from the frustrations and look forward to the sun coming up tomorrow.  Cheers to all and please check your black book for Mother Nature number(if it snows after you call her, I'll shovel your driveway!)

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  1. Great video. You guys look like you rehearsed that. Completely in unison. I too like skiing going skiing to have drinks in the Chalet. lol. But I don't have anywhere near as "purdy" style as you. Very nice.