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Friday, November 6, 2009

Holy Yoga Batman Part II

So, once again if you have not tried Power Yoga you have to come out with me one night and do a session!  It is the greatest Yoga session you will finish.  It has a great (gruelling, if you choose to) physical element as well as a great spiritual flow to the class.  I am no Yoga guru, having been to 3-4 different studios, but this one wins the 'best of' award!  Go to and check out the schedule, let me know if you want to drop in.  The studio is right around the corner from my house, we could do a good 'workout' and then head out for a rewarding cold pop.
As you might notice I have had a great week of workouts and training.  Today was a perfect day for a long slow run.  The weather was awesome, the temperature was great and my head was in the groove.  I hope in 10 or so months that I am in the same space and run through the finish line as satisfied with my efforts.  I am writing this week in the mental note book with a big highlight as I no there will be a lot of weeks next summer where I won't be saying anything positive at all.  All part of the experience I suppose, and a great one it will be.

The weekends are now starting to get action packed.  For those who know me, the winter chaos is starting. Between trips up to Collingwood, events for the CSIA that I have coordinated and must hire staff and attend(and training this year) the fun is now beginning.  It is kind of a crazy way to carry on, but somehow I get more energy from it.  I have however made a decision to tone it down a bit as my training gets into high gear in the spring.  One great thing that I may be doing is helping lead a running clinic.  It would be a great compliment to my training over the summer.  It will be productive to run with athletes and talk about technique and the importance of various factors when training, as it will serve as  a good reminder of what I need to be doing!  I hope the opportunity comes together.

Well, after a hard week it is important to keep it all in perspective.  So, I am going to go and have a relaxing dinner with my wife and then out for a beer with friends!  As you know I will keep you posted on the weekends activities as time permits, in the mean time.......have fun, stay healthy and don't get stressed about it!~!

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