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Sunday, November 22, 2009

An IM realization!

Tonight was a great time! I was able to spend an evening with the greatest number of type A IM personalities you could find without actually being at a race. What a great time it is to BE able to hear the energy in the room!

First I must wish Bryan Payne at great happy birthday! After a great training year he turned out a race that makes Canada proud! Awesome race, awesome  3 year transformation, great motivation!   And, there were a lot of great stories there last night. From Miha's swim story, to John B's over the top experience. It is the first time I have been at a party  that I wanted to talk to everyone and every person had an interesting story to  tell.  It was a very entertaining night!  Many of the people that we met at Bryan's were also blog people that he had never met face to face before.  It is an interesting thing that happens in the blog world.  It's like internet dating, last night all the dates met each other for the first time!  Putting a face to the name makes the daily posts more interesting!  Unfortunately, we had to leave to go to another party, that took us a while.  Each time we were almost on our way, another great story that could not be missed!
We did finally get out and joined another group of IM people at a local bar to see a great band called the 905!  What a good show.  They are an 11 piece band that plays classic rock, the place was full and everyone was dancing.  Have had to leave from Bryan's, it was a good place to end up as it was the continuation of a fun night!
Well, I am playing a game of catch up and finishing my post from last night.  I have spelled checked it and now have to get my butt in a bike saddle and enjoy the day!
I hope everyone I saw last night has a mild headache from to much fun and that today is one full of fun and the great things that life throws at you!!  Cheers

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  1. It was nice finally meeting you John. You are right, now that I met you in person it makes you blog more interesting.

    It was funny to see that you took note of Bryan's remarks about spell checking your posts :-).

    My headache this morning was not mild at all, but I have no regrets because I had a really great time last night. We left Bryan's house at 4:45 in the morning and honestly I am not sure how many beers I drank in total.

    Here are the pictures that I took last night:


  2. J, glad you came. It was fun. To bad you guys had to leave, I wished I had more time to talk with you, Hugh and the gals. We'll have to make some time along the way, maybe a group dinner or beers.

    Glad you had fun and thanks again for coming.