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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Go man go!

Like I am not crazy enough about the IM world at this point, I just watched a video of 2005 IM World's!  WOW!  Those people are machines!  I think most people would think it is nuts!  No, not me, it just fuels my fire to want to be called an Ironman!
I am seeing a lot of blogs for people getting pumped for upcoming IMCoz!  Each blog I read is awesome!  I look forward to the excitement of the prerace jitters and all of the chaos that goes along with it.  Not that I am counting,, but another 298 days and I will be there! Wahoo!  Only a ski season and a whole lot of training between here and there!
Today was a fun day.  As I am getting more focused on my training I thought about how I would want to start of 2010.  So, I planned on doing a resolution run on New Years day.  It would be one thing to get out and do it myself, no, that is far to simple.  So, I contacted the club that I ski at and proposed that it be a club event.  So, New Years day will ideally see 30-40 people join me  on a short run to start off 2010.  What a perfect day to start a year.  A 10-15k run, followed by a great day of skiing!  Then I suppose a New Years day hot tub party!  Can anyone find anything wrong with that idea??
To date all of my training has been going great, with the exception of one thing.....I dont want to seem to get my lazy ass out of bed in the morning.  When I do I am on top of the world and get a super start to my day, but, for some reason getting up in teh dark just seems wrong!  So once again, I stayed in bed while Trish headed out to Yoga, any ideas??  Other than telling me to get my lazy ass up!!!  I'm, giving it an honest try again tomorrow with plans to head out to the pool for an AM swim.  You can rest assured I'll be bragging if I manage to get it done!
Had a good workout day today.  Not a ton of time spent, but good quality.  For the first time this season stayed indoors and did a spin.  As I find the geometry totally different I did an easy 25 spin with some variety.  I followed that with a nice easy short run to get the legs into the groove.  Overall it was an hour workout and a lot of fun!  Have to say, it was damn cold out there tonight!
Tomorrow a charity group is doing a pick up of items that we dont need.  Anything from clothes, to dishes to whatever else we have not used.  It was a great thing to do for 2 reasons.  A) Help out others  B) clean out what we don't need.  The overall side benefit was finding a lot of good performance clothing that was buried away.  That is good  dont need to go and get any more clothing.
Well, as I am a big boy and I am going to get up early(I think) I am heading off to bed now!
Happy training and have a great night!


  1. J, I'd recommend a SAD lamp. My daughter used on last year and I got one this year. It works great. You sit under it for 15 minutes and it seems like real sunshine. I have it beside the bed and turn it on while I'm trying to wake up. I swear I'm lying on a beach it's so bright, even with your eyes closed. I know for me, this time of year I normally have a tough time waking up, but not this year so far. I can only think it's because of the lamp.


  2. Thanks Bryan, saw that in one or our blog photos. I will look for one! Cheers