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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holy Yoga batman!

Have you ever done Power Yoga??  it is about the hardest workout that I can remember.  I never figured that your heart rate would get to 150 doing a stretch class, but.....yeah!  If you have a chance to try it, highly recommend.  Trish and I went to, it is a great gym!  A great Yoga class was the finish to a good day.  I had a great pool workout today, did about 1500m in a 40 minute drill and length session.  Even though my cold has my breathing a little off, the swim felt good and relaxed.  Each time I am in the water I am finding it a little easier than the prior workout.  I am now starting to prepare my workouts before going to the pool and increasing my distance per workout.  With the water being my achilles it will be a big point of focus for me.  I am back at the poo tomorrow with a 2500m workout to keep the momentum going.  I think I m also going to go back to poweryoga tomorrow as well.  As well as a good workout it is a darn good stretch which I need to benefit from as much as possible.
I finally was able to connect with Mike today to talk about his IM training experience.  He did a 10:30 on his first race so I value hi training feedback.  ON Sunday we are going to connect and he will share his nutrition log and training note books with me.  Should be an enlightening experience.
Had a great work day today.  The company has redone its compensation for sales reps.  It is a great deal, as those who sell stand to make a lot more money than in the past.  In a down economy it is a good deal to work for a company that values its staff and creates an environment that provides for equal risk and reward for both the company and the sales staff.  As well as the money bonus, there are many future opportunities as the company is in a build mode to become the biggest and the best at our game.  As the current leader it is exciting to be on the ship as it begins to steam ahead!
Another great hing about the day!  It is getting cold and that means snow is not far off!  I have already put all my winter programs in place and hired more than 50% of the staff.  Now all I need is snow and I can get out on the hill and have some fun.  this weekend is the symbolic start of the season with the professional development day.  We are also picking up the keys for our winter rental, so winter here we come!
Well, dont want this cold to get an idea that it can takeover, so it is rest time!
Have a great night and think healthy happy thoughts!


  1. First off - nice work on signing up for Wisconsin! Keep up the training momentum! I came to your blog through Training Payne's Blog list and I'll keep following you on your trek.

    Quick question: is that sweat on the mat that's in the picture? Were you doing that "Hot Yoga" thing I've heard about? Or is that an indication of how hard you're working in a yoga class?

    Cheers - Mike

  2. Thanks MIke! I see you are on the same quest as well! Enjoying it so far? Looks like with Bryan, yourself,a dn a few opthers we could start teh old big boys tunred IM club!
    Yes, my mat is soaked with sweat, within 10 minutes of teh class being started, it was pouring off of me! This was not hot yoga, a bit of a hybrid. The room temperature os about 85-90, but the workout itself was intense. I never thought I would consider using a HRM for yoga, but this was over the top!
    Look forward to folloowing your blog as well!