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Sunday, November 22, 2009

What a wonderful world!!!

I started my morning with that dull headache, one that was the result of having enough drinks to get up and dance(if you have seen me dance, that should tell you I drank to much).  BUT, I didn't let it stop me from the awesome day that was going to start!  The sun was bright, the temperature was still warm out and, as my neighbor once said it, another day on the top side of the grass! Forget the headache, get out of bed and go and enjoy what the world feels like dishing out today!
Trish and I got our bikes ready and got on the road.  We had decided last night that we should meet Hugh and then ride out to Burlington for some breakfast.  The temperature today was perfect for riding, did not have to overdress to stay warm, the wind was light and I was enjoying a ride with Trish. As we rode along the Lakeshore, there were people everywhere, on bikes, walking, running, playing with the dog, as far as fall days go it was a perfect one.  We made our way to Hugh's and stopped in to pick him up for the journey. Hmmm, he had the same dull headache, maybe it was the water at the bar last night, he was at the same place??  You think??  Like a Sunday should be, we stopped at his place and enjoyed a coffee with him and Denise and talked about the fun night we had on Saturday.  It was one of those mornings that you are motivated, ready to go, but being on the chair relaxing seemed like the right thing to do.  After a while, I jumped up and suggested we get out for our ride before the ski season arrived.  We were all too comfortable and not moving!  The ride out to Burlington was good, not much traffic, nice sunshine, I was happy I did not let the dancing headache stop me from my ride! We wen to a place called Benni's for breakfast.  Great little restaurant with live music. Not a bad way to start the day, a good ride and some great food! After a great ride home, I went out for a run to finish off my training for the day.  I have not done a lot of bricks type workouts, now I try and do  run of some kind anytime I get off the bike.  While I was out for my ride my HRM decided it was taking the day off.  Then, I head out for my run and the same thing happens again.  Oh well, its not life threatening, my data will say it was good training day.
Once the training was over, the 'honeydo' list had to be addressed.  It was a good afternoon to put up Christmas lights.  Here is the deal on the lights, it means I have to get on the roof and hang over the eaves through.  Every time I am up there I get freaked out imagining falling.  I spend an hour feeling afraid of falling off  the roof.  Guess if I was in the union I could get someone else to do that job for me, or file a grievance!  Damn, the lights do look good. Not the Griswalds good, just good.
Tonight was Craig's birthday dinner.  What a great way to end the day and the weekend.  A few of us have some great ribs on the BBQ!  Trish served squash with dinner.  When is the last time you had squash, what a great side dish.  I probably have had it less than 5 times in a year. This eating well habit is great for learning new good things to eat.  For desert, Trish has brought an apple pie from her mom's house.  Her mom is the apple pie queen!  Every person who has tried her pies says they are the best she has had.  I want to see if I can start selling them for spare cash for tri gear.
So, I started my blog today by saying 'what a wonderful world'  After a day like today and a great weekend, well.......that is all I can say!  Looking forward to a good week, more fun, more friends....and more sleep than last night!
Cheers and catch up with you soon!


  1. Yeah, that sounds like a wonderful day indeed! I love days like that. Those are the days we remember.

    Ugh on the Christmas lights. We have a basement full of 'em. Don't even attempt to put them anymore. We just admire others' - like yours.

  2. maybe if our neighbours put up some nice lights this year, I can see if the household will buy that idea next season. Hell, we are away, usually not home from December 20 until after New Years, it doesnt even make sense to put them up! look what you started! LOL