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Friday, November 13, 2009


Those who know me are familiar with the title of my blog today!  I likely have a dozen pieces of clothing and my outlook on life is exactly that way!  As the Life IS GOOD slogan says, 'Do what you love, Love what you do', living with this being a  motivating principle makes each day another one to enjoy.

This evening we were at a the grand opening party for POWER YOGA  CANADA.  Over the past week i have talked about how cool it has been to practice at the studio.  Tonight's opening celebration was a moment to appreciate the LIFE IS GOOD motto and seeing someone who is living their dream.  Kindli and Pauline are the girls who have studied Baptiste Power Yoga and made a choice to chase the dream of having their own studio.  Hearing them speak this evening was great as it served as a further inspiration that living for your dreams is the best way to start each day.  They have a great studio, a clientele that has followed their practice and now  as they wake up each morning, it is to continue the dream that they had of having a studio of their own.  I wish them the best of luck and I look forward to continuing to practice with them and seeing the studio grow.
Tonight's event was a great way to end what has been a very good week.  I had another great week of training with good workouts each day culminating this evening with a good brick workout.  I enjoyed each of my workouts and can feel the benefit of the time that I am committing to date.  With another 308 days I should continue to progress well.   One of the other benefits to all of this training is how well I am sleeping.  I go to bed and no sooner than my head hits the pillow I am out.  With the progress that I am enjoying to date, I now need to get take some energy from it and use it to motivate me to start some weight training.    I would like to get some base training in now as it will benefit me later.  When I start my full program in March, weight training is a big part of the program, a bit of head start would get me going!
Another part of the week that I have enjoyed is seeing Bryan from being down at the World Championships.  It is cool to see another individual who had a dream reaching it because he believed in it and applied himself.  His week was exciting with the temporary loss of his bike by the airline.  With that problem solved and the clock ticking, in less than 12 hours he will be on his bike somewhere along the road, making his family, other Canadian and himself proud of his accomplishments!  Way to go Bryan, have an awesome race!
Tomorrow we are heading up to Collingwood to get our chalet set up for the ski season.  We are also going to go to the club and do an orientation session for the start of the season.  It will be great to catch up with everyone that we have not seen in all summer.  Going up north is always great as well as it is the beginning of the ski season which always excites me!
Well, like most nights around this time I must pack it in!  Need some sleep as one of the things that going up north does require, is me dragging my butt out of bed a little early tomorrow.  Have a great friday night and dont ever forget.....Live for your Dreams!

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