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Monday, November 23, 2009

Answer to an important question?(important to me....)

Here is a non tri question to anyone out there, please send me some feedback and comments!!

PLease define what you think the defintion of a "sales manager" is  and what the characteristics/qualities of an effective and suucessful sales manager would be.

Thank you for your feedback and I will explain it all at some point in a little while! 



  1. Question: What Are The Key Characteristics of a Great Sales Manager?

    Answer: Sales managers themselves say the following are the key traits of a great sales manager…
    Fair, honest, well-versed in products
    Ability to motivate team members to do their best
    Sets obtainable goals for each sales person
    Uses positive reinforcement
    Loves to compete
    Possesses strong selling skills which can be passed to others
    Allows people to discover what they need to learn by making mistakes and solving their own problems

    Sales people say a great sales manager…
    Is someone who has sold successfully
    Wishes to see success in others
    A good coach, motivator, leader - a friend
    Hands off, not hands on
    Empowers sales people to go out and get the job done
    Stands behind sales representatives' decisions

  2. Thanks Bryan! Real world feedback is what I need to reach this goal that I am working on! this is the comments that will help! Cheers

  3. to me a real sales manager is like a visionary, coach, a cheerleader, and a nurturer.

    like a visionary, a sales manager knows the possibilities, the potential of the team and dreams the big dream to ignite the imagination, passion and commitment of the team.

    like a coach, a sales manager evaluates performance and equips the team with the skills and training and a collectively created plan required to perform optimally to meet the goals.

    like a cheerleader, the sales manager offers support and encouragement when the going gets tough and celebrates victories of all kinds.

    like a nurturer, the sales manager ensures the team has strength, rest and builds endurance and resilience to go the distance to achieve the targets.

    hope this helps - its a start anyway. i'm sure i could add alot more colour to this sketch.

  4. thanks runngrrrl(I cant figure out if the proper spelling is critical). great format, might use it! part of presentation for a huge opportunity that I am chasing, I thought empowering others would prove to develop the best answer! and, my theory is proving to be true! Cheers

  5. Lots of fantastic feedback here John. I'd add:

    Leads by example - not so much in actual selling (although important) but more in keeping themselves accountable to the sales team. Doing what they say they're going to do. The expectation from the team is that they too should honor their commitments.

    Challenges the status quo - ask the tough questions of a sales rep specifically when discussing strategy on a specific account / opportunity. Play devil's advocate to get the proverbial "out of the box" thinking flowing.

    In certain business environments, a good sales manager keeps the sales team focused on their day to day activities and protects the team from some of the corporate BS that sometimes is present in a company.

    I'm interested in learning how this all turns out for you.

    Great question!