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Monday, November 9, 2009

Living the dream.....

One of my more frequent responses when I am asked how I am doing in he course of a crazy day......I tell them 'living the dream"  Today was one of those days!!  From the moment the morning started with our first conference call I felt like I was running after myself trying to catch up.  The day gradually became even more chaotic.  THEN, instead of being able to go out for a swim or a run the relax, I sat in a board room for a board meeting that went was off course and lasted for 3.5 hours.  You know a past life that may have got the best of me......but, NO!  Life is too darn short and tomorrow will be another day. One where I am lucky enough to wake up, talk to my loving wife and head off to a fruitful job walking on my own feet! I consider myself lucky to have the ability to see that side of a bad day, otherwise life would be a tough thing to deal with each morning.
I did get to try out a very cool ski simulator this afternoon.  The machine replicates the forces of skiiing unlike anything I have been on in the past.  When you put your ski on edge and hold it there, just like on snow you build up pressure under the ski and get a great rebound.  It allows you to replicate the technical aspects of skiing in the same manner you would on a ski hill and to deal with the same forces that are generated as a result.  As a ski instructor and coach, this is a tremendous tool to  focus on areas of improvement and complete repetition in a controlled environment.  It was very cool to be skiing in November even though not on snow!   Another great discovery today was the physical condition and how it has paid off.  I was on the machine for 20 minutes, same as a couple of others.  Sure, i did work up a good sweat, however, no leg burn to talk of.  That hopefull will be the same on the ski hill this winter, will result in some great overall improvement.  Only 3 more weeks and we are hopefully off to Mt Trembalnt for a couple of days to get the real season started.  I am looking forward to being on snow!
Well, 530 is going to come along before I know it, so, short night and off to get some rest!
Happy training!

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