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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Death by 10 Meters.....

What the heck is that??? Today was a great training day. I spent the afternoon in a running clinic that instructed on POSE running technique. At teh end of the day and sending 4 hours doing drills, the coach had a workout for us. He claimed it was a real treat and led uis to the gym to get set. Here is the routine....
Set a 10 meter distance market and get a stop watch. When teh watch is started, you have 1 minute to run 10 meters. If it takes you 4 seconds, you have 56 seconds of recovery. When the next minute starts you must do 20 meters, again, it may take you 10 seconds which means you have a 50 second rest. Not bad for the first 10 minutes, tehn you have to start to hustle. The goal is to complete the greatest number of lenghts that you can qwithin a minute and still have time left. When you get into teh 13 to 14 range you are down to no rest time at an all out sprint. WOW! It is a tough drill and it hurts. Loved every minute of it!
The clinic was very interesting. The POSE style of running is about posture and landing on your toes. The claim is it is more efficient and leads to far less injuries. Many of the worlds leading sprinters practive it since it was introduced 20 years ago. The verditc is still out from my perspective as it takes some training to evaulate. I will admit you do feel much lighter and efficient even with the ackwardeness of a different body position and momeutum. I will keep you posted on the progress if I do make a decisoin to make it mine through training and practice.
The waether today was awesome, I wish I had been able to get out on my bike, oh well, lots of time and 1000's of kms to come, I can afford to miss a workout now in order to focus on the parts that are tougher for me!
All around this week has been great. I managed to shake my cold, a great week of training, got all of the fall yard work done and had a chance to relax and enjoy life a little. It is a week that provides the personal satisfaction of having grown both physically and mentally! I look ofrward to many more of those kind of weeks as this jourmney continues.
I ma heading up north tomorrow for CSIA Proffesional development day. SHould be a great day as it si the symbolic launch to the ski season. Great speakers will be presenting and Brian Stemmel is speaking at the end of the day. As one of Canada's leadng legendary speakers from the Crazy Canucks era, it shoudl be very exciting. I also get to enjoy a rest day after 7 consecutive days fo training. That will be a challenge, however I will enjoy it as I am tired from a primarily anearobic day today!
Enjoy your Sunday as it is supposed to be awesome weather, and afterall it is a day to realx and enjoy life!

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