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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A little tired training!

So, it appears that although I am not hobbling from my race on Sunday, I might have a little residual hurt hanging on!  What? Well, today I swam, ran and yoga'd and some of it was a little thougher than usual!
Over the course of each week I am adding a couple of short runs for the run clubs that I am leading.  They are casual quality miles from my perspective, usually running in low HR Zone1 for nothing more that 6k.  I consider that good base miles, heck I could put on more miles walking around the block if I was going to the store.  But, on top of training and the race, it made for a strenuous workout today.
My swim today was a 3500m technique day.  It was made up of a lot of 50 and 100m repeats with almost no rest.  Each repeat had a length and a drill aspect to it.  As I started out it wasn't to bad, the warm up was a straight 400 which was a breeze.  Then the repeats kicked in the main set. It isn't bad doing them, but as they piled on today I started to tucker out a bit. It is a crazy feeling though, as I got tired I became even more focused o the technique and improved my times.  I guess I am a sucker for punishment, so it was a hard practice but a fun one.  Overall if was god, 3500m in about 1h11m After the practice today, I was talking with a friend of mine about the progress since last September.  Doing a swim today that is less than 1500m seems like a bit of a waste of time. Back a few months ago, a swim of 1500m was a reason to go and celebrate, finishing that kind of swim was a PB for me every time.  It is a great victory for me as figuring out how to swim was the catalyst to signing up for IRONMAN.
I did have the swim idiot story today. As every pool does there is the assigned lanes according to your speed.  Usually we end up in the faster lane as most of the people swimming are floating along doing the lanes they probable have done every day for 20 years since they retired.  It is fairly apparent where you should swim, slow in slow fast in faster.  NO, not this lady.  As I came to the end of the pool, she was standing there, I figured she was waiting to wait until I pushed off.  NO, next time I came down the lane, she was doing the dog paddle down the centre of the lane!  What the heck.  I was patient and kept going around her, for a while. Then when she almost kicked me in the teeth, I had to say something!  I dont like pushing her of, but have some common sense, there are 3 people motoring down a lane, figure it out!
My run clinic tonight was a blast!  the weather was awesome, the sun as shining and everyone was in a great mood!  As we started out 3rd week, the group has all shown good progress and is moving forward.  Almost all of them finshed the miles that were set out to complete on their own time, and they are looking forward to the race in the spring.   Two if them have committed to the 1/2marathon and are putting in the miles and drills.  It will be an awesome feeling to support them across the line!
Following the run today, was the Yoga practice, it was a killer!
Usually they are tough and a good workout, today was exceptionally challenging!  I guess it was ht past few days piled on.  Although it was a tough day it is still such a therapeutic part of my week.  I leave hte class feeling stretched and truly refreshed!  A great deal of my stretching is now made up of yoga poses. They are far more dynamic and stretch my full body along with the specific area that I am focused on.
Tomorrow is another crazy day for both work and training, so bed time it is!  Happy training and enjoy hte evening!  Cheers


  1. J, your improvement in the pool, in such a short time, is the BEST I've ever seen. Most of the time it takes years. Your an animal.


  2. Nice swimming! love to read that as I am still in the mode 1500m = reason to celebrate! hahaha-D

  3. Please do my HI swim for me...just kidding ;)

    Any tips on improving TI technique are gratefully received though.