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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I have to bottle this high!

Somehow I know at some point a few weeks down the road, I am going to want to read these posts as they are so full of energy and positive spirit. I wish I could put some of how I am feeling into a jar to drink it later!
My day was awesome once again.  I guess I could find fault in it, I had an early morning workout schedule, but chose to stay in bed!  No, I did not blow it off, just readjusted the timing a bit!
At the end of a decently productive day at work, I came home for my first formal bike trainer workout.  My program ramps me up in a logical manner so it wasn't stupid hard or insanely long, but it is one that keeps you honest.  Thank goodness it is full of sprints and rest and starts and stops, because it made the time fly by.  I have noted to stats for my workout below.  I am not a technician or statistician so I invite comments on the ratios that are there.  I am happy with my speed for the ride, and I kept my HR decent as well.  I felt that if I could maintain and build from here I should become a decent cyclist.  As I look at it , the power output is the one that I wonder about??  What is a good output?  On my high cadence sprints I managed to get into high 300's for most of the sprint, but is that good?  Comments please?

Av Speed:  35kmh
Av watt:  219
CAD:  88
HR: 137
Dist: 26k
Time:  45min

One of my barometers of how I did is the T-run of the bike.  I felt great when I pulled out of the pedals, I certainly had all sorts of juice left and could have kept going for a long while.    When my feet hit the road is where I knew it was an efficient ride.  I went out on my T-run at a 5min/k pace without my HR blowing up.  I did put on the wrong HR chest strap, however, perceived effort for me is as accurate as an HR as I have geeked out on that damn watch for so long, I know when I am feeling good or when I am going to explode.  My run was very short, the purpose of it is not to build my run, it is to get my legs going off the bike.  As I ran down the road, i thought back to my performance from last year as I rolled my fat asz down the road off the bike.  I kind of felt like I was going to be sick when I ran last summer, I look forward to some short races this year to see where I have improved.  It is good to feel strong, and I am moving in that direction right now!
After my improvised brick, I had to get my 100push up challenge done.  All I can say is thank goodness I suck at push ups.  Doing what few I had to do was a killer, the first 12 were OK, the next 17 alright,  the next 17.........the next 13..hmmmm, the last 17, holy crap!  I can only imagine the gruelling effort of some of the folks who have the bar set at the top!  Best of luck to all!
After my home workouts, it was time to head out to Lululemon!  Tonight was the start of the run club that I host at another store close to home.  WOW, the first night in bad weather and there were 7 of us!  This store has the potential to have a crazy huge run club!  I hope to get it to 30-40 people and build a great run community.  It would be great to create another bunch of obsessed people who chase races and live to fit in workouts amongst the busy lives they lead!  It was a great run, again  a short 5k but a great night for many who likely have not run since last fall.
So, overall my day was awesome.  I worked, I ate, I biked, I ran, I ate, I ran, I ate.....have to think about what else!  Hope your training is going awesome!


  1. John
    Glad you had an awesome day, good on you. It's those days that one wants to have over an over again.

    For your first formal bike session, the numbers look good. Pushing 219 watts average is great, all those skiing certainly helps.Cadence also good at 88, the secret to a great run of the bike at Ironman, keeping a high cadence and spin those legs.

    Keep the spirit HIGH

  2. your bike numbers look good! keep on truckin'! i hear ya loud and clear with the pushup challenge. got day 2 done this morning, then ran. felt like a million bucks after. glad i didn't set that push up bar too high with my initial fit test...not that i could of anyway. i made sure not to cheat so 12 was my starting point in perfect form. Keep up the good efforts with your training!

  3. Your LIVING THE DREAM John!!!!

    Savour the flavour.

  4. Great day! nice work, great recap - D

  5. Great day of training man! Pretty darn good cadence and watt output, you keep a 219 average and you are well on your way!

  6. Excellent, you continue to raise the bar, I'm so glad it's going great!!