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Monday, March 1, 2010

Canadian Man's Weekend Part Deux!

After an unbelievable day of skiing, the first of the weekends nail biting hockey games was played!  WOW!  It seems that Canada's hockey players made a deal with the media to make certain that hte games were the most nerve wrecking experience ever enjoyed.  I could not believe when I was beckoned back to the room after I had left because I thought the game was over!  Another 5 seconds and the outcome may have been totally different!  BUT, it was not, it was great to be over that game and sitting back to wait for the final game on Sunday!
Saturday morning once again proved to be another epic ski day!  The snow was once again top of boot deep and light and fluffy.  A dream ski day again!  The catch on this one was that I had a group that I was coaching that morning.  My ski clients pay a lot of money and have a high expectation in the sessions that they attend, they expect to ski away each week with some  new tools to improve their sking.  Saturday turned out to be a dream day for me.  As we gathered at the bottom of the hill to head into our session, one of the ladies in the group apologized.  I wondered what it was she was going to say, she said they wanted to ski and not listen to my teach.  WOW!  A dream come true, we headed up as a group and skied for the entire 2 hour session! thank you to my group for their desire to ski powder, it turn out to be a bit of a ski bonanza for me!  The day finished great as well. It was a full moon and a few friends headed out to the country for a moonlight snowshoe and some dinner!  After a great ski day it was the icing on the cake, finish the day with a good walk through the forest with tons of snow!
Sunday was another great day on snow.  With so much fresh snow over a couple of days the conditions proved to be excellent throughout the resort.  My group on Sunday had a similar idea to Saturday's group.  Lets go ski!  SO for 2 hours we flew up and down enjoying the rest of our dream ski weekend.
As many of you know the weekend finished with the suspense of the Canada/US gold medal Olympic hockey game.  I can not believe how crazy that game was.  once again, the deal with the media to see that everyone would be on the edge of their seats for the entire game. The result was outstanding!(for me anyways)  Go Canada Go!
The Olympics proved to be a 2 week event that has made very Canadians crazy proud.  Walking around proud as peacocks, chests held high happy to be considered the best.  As well as being proud of the athletes and the commitment that made to be the best of the best, Canadians proved to be awesome hosts to our friends from around the world!  I am proud of how we dealt with the bad weather, terrible press and a naughty girls hockey team!  We cowboyed up and showed the world that we are a great place to visit and that everyone is welcome to visit!
I am happy to see the Olympics come to a close, I could not handle another 2 weeks of late nights on the edge o my seat!  But, I sure was a great addiction to satisfy, I hope all of you enjoyed it as well!

Oh Canada, our Home and Native Land..........

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