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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle....I want to ride my bike.....

Getting back on my bike rolling down the road has made me feel like it has been an eternity since I got to ride like this!
Today was another great outdoor ride with the wind blowing through my hair(oh yeah, I dont have any) but is sounds good!  I had a 4:30pm meeting with a Lululemon store where I will be helping to host a run club later this month.  I figured I would take advantage of the weather and meeting time and rid to the meeting!  What a great choice, it was beautiful.  My ride was good, my legs did not take as long to get moving today, they started turning fairly quick and I managed an average speed of 32km/h with most of the ride being uphill.  It feels so good to be riding outside.  My meeting at Lululemon was great as well.  The store is awesome at creating a community for people to get out and be healthy.  It is fun to be able to work with them to help promote a healthy lifestyle and to help them reach a goal along the way!  The run club starts at the end of the month once spring breaks are over and everyone gets into the groove for spring!
On another great note, just as I thought the ski season was done, I was asked to conduct a course this weekend!  Wahoo!  I enjoy leading these courses and helping students work towards their goal of becoming a ski instructor.  Ideally by Sunday afternoon I will have examined and passed a new group of instructors.  In any case it will be a great way to bring the ski season to an end!  The weather is not looking so good, oh well!  A bad day on snow is better than a good day behind a desk!
As I have been outside the last few days enjoying the weather and doing workouts it has added to my passion for training and for the start of my 6 months to the start line.  I guess I figured out that although I was training over the winter, winter is for skiing and spring and summer are for training.  I cant wait tog et started and see what I have in me!  I am doing my tri coaching certification course next weekend and I start my official training program.  It is great to be taking one great course and then starting my practice right afterwards!
Tomorrow is day one of my Running and Yoga clinic, ROGA!  It is great, so far 12+ people registered and growing.  It is exciting to be leading this session for people who want to learn to run and to get them to the start line of a May run race.  Helping other people get to a goal is a great feeling!  I am looking forward to it!
Have a great evening!  Hope your training is going well!


  1. Wow John, you are one busy guy! That is awesome that you already have 12 people signed up for your ROGA. Speaks volumes about your enthusiasm. Hope you are having a great week so far!

  2. i want to ride my bike i want to ride my bike too!!!! and tru dat a day outside kills any day sitting on your bum in the office. sounds like you just might have the perfect job :)